Best of What's Around - Fortville Indiana

We Heart Fortville

There's definitely no doubt about that fact. Ashley and I adore this quaint town we call home. It is full of amazing people, amazing food and amazing shops. Truly the best of what's around and now there is even a shop on Main Street Fortville called just that - Best of What's Around

The Grand Opening was yesterday. I popped in for a quick visit in these super chilly temps and fell in love!!! Owner, Danie Leever, puts you right at ease when you walk in the door with her warm smile and kind nature. Quite the crafty chick that creates works of art out of furniture pieces! Hard to believe her day job was once in accounting! Totally not a boring numbers crunching chick. She's full of energy, craftiness and smiles!

Fortville's Best of What's Around - Owner Danie Leever
She's been creating vintage masterpieces since 2012 when she was laid off from her day job. She started in her garage and soon became so popular in the area that her husband encouraged her to get a retail space, so he could have his garage back. Her first space was in Fishers. However, due to the space being a little too small for her continued growth, she went in search again for a new space. A friend suggested Fortville and like the Fortville Mamas, Danie fell in love.

Tons of pretty things, peeps! Danie tries to make sure there is lots of variety! In addition to her vintage furniture pieces, she carries items from quite a few other local artisan vendors as well, from home decor to hats and everything in between! Here are a few of my favorites from my visit:

The hoot journal/notebook cover went home with me. I love it! One of the wood signs will soon be going home with me. Can you guess which? 

The coolest part of Danie and Best of What's Around? That she will take a piece you already own, inherited or scored at a garage sale and transform it! Yes, friends you heard that right! She does custom work

You've gotta stop in and see this super cool new Fortville shop. It's open Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 10-4. I bet you'll fall in love just as I did. While you're at it, check out these newer places as well, The StudioPalette and Paper and The Gypsy Chicks. Why not make a whole day out of it. You can start with donuts at Sunrise, shop, Toffee Coffee Crunch from Java Junction, shop some more, lunch at Indulge, shop some more and finish with dinner at R-SmokeHouse. Sounds like my kind of day, peeps! 

Happy shopping! Make sure to follow them on Facebook to keep up on Best of What's Around!


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