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Just ask the coach man, I like to scare myself silly with shows like Ghost Hunters and if you're old school, Unsolved Mysteries. Not really the horror movie kind of stuff, but the "real" story kind of stuff. I watch with a blanket pulled up to my nose so I can quickly bring it up over my eyes if need be. I'm completely intrigued by the paranormal, so it's only natural that I'm ultra intrigued by paranormal in Fortville!

Just down the street from me is the Ivy House Bed and Breakfast. It's rumored that Al Capone used to visit long ago and illegally gamble within it's walls. HGTV's If Walls Could Talk featured the B and B and noted that gambling items were found both behind a furnace and inside garage walls. Haunted Places also reports an experience with the piano within the B and B.

Photo courtesy of Ivy House website.
Recently I had a fun chat with one of the owners of Indulge Cafe in Fortville. Their building is quite old and has multiple floors. Long ago it housed one of the first car dealerships in the area. Cars were stored on the 2nd floor and brought up and down via a large service elevator. It is rumored during that same time frame the basement included a speakeasy that Al Capone visited often. Employees of the cafe have heard loud footsteps above and things falling down the stairs. Once there was a loud clanging of what seemed like objects falling down the stairs. They went to investigate and found a bunch of pocket change all over the stairwell, as if it were thrown down the stairs.

If you read my Indiana State Museum: American Spirits exhibit recap, you know I love the era that includes flappers, bootleggers and gangsters! To think...Al Capone thought Fortville was cool enough to hangout here often! Just maybe in a speakeasy in the basement of the now Indulge! I love it! We'll just overlook the whole criminal thing for a minute. I just love that just maybe we're a slice of that period's history!

Moving on...my newest creepy Fortville destination providing for haunted intrigue - Ten West Center for the Arts! There's been quite a few interesting incidents over the years. You can read about them here and watch a spirit interaction as well. Love the flashlight thing! Decide for yourself, haunted or not. My favorite part of Ten West is the passage from the church to the parsonage. I love hidden doors and tunnels. When those are present there is always a back story or two to go with!

Picture courtesy of Ten West.
In the spirit of all that is creepy and in celebration of one of my favorite holidays, we have a spooky giveaway contest for you!

Ten West is hosting a showing of Hocus Pocus (rated PG) on Halloween evening starting at 8:30 p.m. Gives you plenty of time to enjoy trick or treating and then head over for a fun family movie to cap off the evening! There will be an all ages costume contest with CASH grand prize, yummy movie concessions and additional prizes of gift certificates for Indulge and Famous Dave's at Hamilton Town Center (provided by the amazing Fortville/McCordsville Chamber of Commerce)! It's the place to be on Halloween evening after dark! Tickets are $5 per person or $17 for a family four pack.

BUT, we have your chance to WIN a family four pack of tickets and go for FREE! Contest ends at noon on October 29th. See below for details on how to enter.

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  1. I, too, love everything spooky and this is one of my favorite times of year. Hocus Pocus is my family's favorite all time movie. There are lots of legends and Lore's about the spooky and paranormal in Fortville.

    1. I hadnt had plans for halloween yet and this gives me something to do!

  2. This would give me something fun to do with my children on Halloween while their father is out of the country! They're pretty bummed about him being gone for Halloween so this would be a good pick-me-up for them!

  3. I took an art class at ten west a few years ago. I've always been able to "sense" things so to say. I remember me and another girl went to the basement to get something. As soon as I walked down the steps, I felt an eerie feeling of weird vibes and immediately wanted to go upstairs. I guess it makes sense now!


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