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This past week the crew and I visited The Mug in Greenfield for a bite to eat after a fun afternoon at Piney Acres Farm in Fortville. We were all starving and The Mug didn't disappoint - tasty choices perfect for every member of the family abound! 

We had tried to visit one night earlier, but they were so popular right after opening their doors that they ran out of food a few times. Instead of being upset, we knew that it just must be that good and that we needed to make a point to come back and give it a try. Our suspicions were right on! Oh my gosh such tasty food! When everything is fresh, it's amazing, And if it's amazing and in high demand, I think you are going to have that from time to time, where you just sell out. Way better than having a freezer full of processed stuff. Have you seen an episode of Kitchen Nightmares with Gordan Ramsey? He would advise you that fresh is always better and running out is normal, if you are awesome!

Picture courtesy of The Mug Facebook
The coach man and I got their HUGE tenderloin sandwiches. Fried of course. If you're gonna do it, go all the way. Little man got chicken tenders and baby girl got a cheeseburger. We all had their fries. So crispy! Absolutely delish! Coach man was amused that the fries came in the old fashioned wax paper bags. He said that's how they used to come at the Dairy Queen in Delphi when he was little and often went with his beloved Grandma. I happen to think the wax paper bag makes a difference. Keeps them crispy longer. Yum!

We all got their yummy root beer. Once again, awesome! If it hadn't been so chilly the night we went, we would have tried their ice cream as well. We chose to sit at their adorable umbrella tables after we ordered, but you can also order from your car as well in the parking spots that surround the restaurant. Each has it's own menu board and button to push to place your order. Once you push it, a server with a cute pink bandanna comes to take your order. I guess that gives us something new to try for our next visit. That and a corn dog. I saw one on their Facebook that made my mouth water the other day!

I love that right outside the restaurant is a chalkboard that highlights all the local fresh currently being sourced that goes in the made to order delish food items. The night we went these were the names on the board. All local. All vendors we adore! Isn't it so cool to know where your food comes from?! 

Another thing that I really liked was so simple but yet so great when you have kiddos! They had sidewalk chalk! The Fortville Mama kiddos had a blast drawing while we waited for our order. They made spaceships, the pig from the sign, the flag, their names...they tagged up the pavement all around our table. Nothing like happy little kiddos patiently awaiting their food. Smart move The Mug, smart move.

Until we meet again, stay amazing The Mug. If I were you, I'd follow them on Facebook, so your mouth can water too.

We'll definitely be back soon. There are corn dogs and ice cream to be had. Oh and those delish crispy fries.


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