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Gift Closets - What a Nifty Idea

The idea of having a gift closet never occurred to me until I met Indy's most Twisted Sisters! And what a fabulous idea it is! A place to stockpile gifts perfect for any occasion or even a stockpile for holidays. It allows you to browse anytime during the year and find perfect items and have them tucked away and handy for when the time arises that you need a gift for an event, birthday, shower or holidays. You can look with certain people in mind or for "generic" give-ables all year long. Just think by doing this you are also able to take advantage of sales, instead of waiting until the last minute to find a gift and most times spending more than you'd really have preferred.

Eureka! We all have those friends who always give the most perfect gifts, even on short notice. My wonderful sister-in-law, Rhonda, is just like that. She always has the best simple thoughtful gifts. Even themed gifts. I always wonder how she does it too. I bet money she has a gift closet now I know such a thing exists! Okay, Rhonda, give it up...you have a gift closet, don't you?

I called her. She does. She laughed at my questioning. She's had one for years. It's in her walk-in closet tucked in a corner. Here's some of her current gift closet loot.

If only I had been given this idea back on December 26th, I'd have my own gift closet well stocked by now. Instead it's September and I'm already stressing over the upcoming birthdays AND holidays and getting organized to get it all done within budget. I guess it's never too late to start! And it doesn't even have to be a whole closet, maybe start with a drawer, single shelf or an empty cedar chest just begging for something fun inside. 

So what kind of items are perfect for a gift closet:
  • Cards, wrapping paper, bags, tissue paper and bows of course
  • Simple selection of age-appropriate gifts for last minute children's birthday party invites.
    • Target Clearance - It's a gem mine for a gift closet! 
    • Board Games! Who doesn't love a board game?!
    • Books - I could get lost in Barnes & Noble any day. Every kid needs, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie and Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You.
  • Baby shower items. 
    • Shopping all year long will let you pick up cute items on clearance and save.
  • Bridal shower items.
    • Bed, Bath & Beyond Clearance
    • Kitchen gadgets
    • Wine
  • Graduation gifts.
    • You could even keep a jar in the closet with a little cash tucked away for this gifts. We all know grads prefer cash over wrapped pretties.
  • Teacher gifts.
  • Holiday gifts. 
    • Giving Tree at Church
    • Stocking stuffers too.
  • Themed gift items perfect for gift baskets such as a relaxing spa, beach or movie themed one.
I feel inspired! I'm taking the gift closet challenge! Are ya with me? My first stop is Twisted Sisters on Binford's North End. The Sisters were the ones that gave me the idea and I think it only fitting my first gift closet item be something from their unique gift shop! Shop Small Peeps! It does a world of good.

About Twisted Sisters (A Featured FortvilleMama Sponsor):
Twisted Sisters on Binford’s North End is your go-to gift shop featuring whimsical handpicked specialty gift and d├ęcor items, personally selected by two of the most hilariously twisted sisters to ever grace the Indy area, Teresa and Linda, and their equally witty business partner, Judy.  The three pride themselves on sourcing local and domestically crafted artisan merchandise. Featured items include handcrafted jewelry, soaps, handbags, fused glass works, recycled content items and food items, such as heavenly organic specialty peanut butter produced right here in Indiana. 


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