Bootleggers, Gangsters and Pirates! - An ISM American Spirits Exhibit Follow-Up

 Bootleggers, Gangsters and Pirates! 

After my preview post on the the newest exhibit at the Indiana State Museum, I had a very enlightening conversation with my oldest sister. I had sent her my post to read and was telling her how excited I was to explore the exhibit, especially everything flappers. Oh how I love flappers

She proceeded to tell me we had bootleggers in our family. Our Dad's side (our German ancestors) of course was exactly how she said it. LOL. As if to say our sweet tender-hearted mother could have never been related to bootleggers! Then she added a pirate too, but he was from our Mother's side! Intriguing indeed. I was like a little kid sitting on the storytime carpet, eyes wide, awaiting more of the story! But I digress. We'll save the pirate stories for another day.

In so many ways, a visit to the Indiana State Museum is just like a wonderful vivid storytime adventure. I felt so lucky to get a guided tour of American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition from one of the curators, Katherine Gould, on opening day September 20th. Her insights into the background on the exhibit and American history during the time period were so helpful!

That's like 4 shots a day for every American!
The Fortville Mama kiddos had the time of their life! They loved the characters in period dress, all the hands-on interactive exhibit features and learning about Indiana during the temperance and prohibition days.

Some of our favorite features were:

Little Man wanted to head right over to Crown Hill and find Dillinger's grave.

Little Man helping Daddy figure out if he would have been a "Wet" or "Dry".
Exploring A Speakeasy. Kiddos loved the secret door you had to knock on!

Enjoying a little atmosphere in the Speakeasy.
Getting his jig on with a little Charleston.
Hanging with the Gangster crew and getting to take our own mugshots!
Love all the facts throughout the entire exhibit!
Let's hope there is an upcoming pirate exhibit on the horizon, so I can dive into that family story too! You'll love it. It's a doozy! In the meantime, make sure to visit American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition at the Indiana State Museum now through Feb 15th. Discover if you would have been a "wet" or "dry", deliver your own temperance speech, learn different versions of The Charleston and get booked next to Al Capone. Make sure to tweet me at @FortvilleMama and tag @IndianaMuseum and let us know all about your visit.


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