Surrounded By Love Is A Good Place To Be


It's been a strange week for me. My father passed on Wednesday of a massive stroke. He was 78. My mother passed a little over a year ago. Such a weird feeling to have them both gone. I feel way too young for this to be the case. Way too young, with so much more to share with them. So much more. But in my heart I know no matter where life takes me, their love follows me and always will. I'm also so blessed that they gave me the gift of 8 siblings, tons of cousins, nieces and nephews and well... just good ole family. Way blessed in that.
Herman and Gloria before all of us arrived. Weren't they cute?!
In the same manner, I am extremely blessed by my Fortville family. Over the last week, so many of you have reached out in kind words, thoughts, prayers and love. You've surrounded me with love and you've ministered to my family in beautiful ways in our time of grief. You are amazing; a beautiful community that I am proud to live and work within.

Thank-you to the Okerson men and Ten West Center for the Arts, Nancy Strickland and The Fortville/McCordsville Chamber of Commerce, Tom Ryder and Genesis Plastics Welding, Donna and Dennis Burns, Julia Feeney (who is my newest Fortville friend!) and Community Hospital's Wellspring Pharmacy, my fellow Fortville Mama Ashley Thomas and my many many friends in Fortville who pitched in to make the luncheon after the service beautiful! You all touched my and my family's heart!

Thank-you from the entire Koehl family.


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