Mama Wandering Wednesday: The Roots of Art on Mass Ave - Opening of 431 Gallery at Indiana State Museum

I adore a good back story! 

As well as Indiana history! What can I say, I'm a proud Hoosier through and through. 

I am quite pumped about the opening of 431 Gallery: Art & Impact Exhibit at the Indiana State Museum this weekend. The exhibit will showcase works from the 431 Cooperative Gallery that stood on historic Mass Ave in downtown Indianapolis from 1984 - 1993, and is in conjunction with a free exhibit entitled Ed Sanders/Life and Art at the Herron School of Art and Design that features solo works from one of 431 Gallery's founders who passed away in 2006. Bret Waller, Director Emeritus of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, said in regards to Sanders, "...he painted as if painting really mattered, as if truth itself depended on it." 

As if truth itself depended on it... I've just gotta see that!

When the famous 431 Gallery opened in the early 80s, Mass Ave. wasn't exactly the Indy hot spot destination it is today. It was a bit of a poverty stricken, dark area of town. In my opinion not only did the cooperative gallery and its 17 artists (most Herron School of Art and Design students), along with the other Mass Ave galleries help spark the cutting-edge art scene in Indianapolis during that time frame, but they also planted the first seeds of what so many of us love about Mass Ave. today. So much creativity and energy nestled into a little corner of a bustling downtown Indianapolis. Really a cultural bright spot!

During its prime, the gallery was considered one of the premier Indy destinations for those looking for a taste of contemporary local art. It featured sculpture, paintings and photographs. The exhibit at the Indiana State Museum will feature a partial recreation of the famous Mass Ave. gallery where visitors can view up close and personal works from the original cooperative. Featured artists include: Bill Adkins, Anita Giddings, Larry Kline, Carla Knopp, Steve Paddock and Ed Sanders.

A sneak peak via @IndianaMuseum

There is definitely a buzz in the air about these new feature exhibits in downtown Indianapolis! It's the first time the Herron School of Art and Design and the Indiana State Museum have partnered for a major program.

The exhibits kicks-off with a progressive reception this Friday, where visitors will visit both the museum and the Herron School of Art and Design. The fun continues Saturday June 28th with two panel discussions. The first centered on 431 Gallery, and its impact on Central Indiana. The second is Our Journey: 30 Years of Art and takes a look at what's next for the Indy art scene. Both discussions are open to the public, but due to limited seating, RSVP is required. Call the museum at 317.232.1637 to save your spot.

I do hope you join me and take in a little art before the exhibits closes on September 14th and connect with the history of the Indianapolis art scene and beautiful Mass Ave.! 

Wanna enjoy it all for the price of kid's admission? Go on a Wednesday through the end of August! In an effort to make enjoying the Indiana State Museum more affordable for families, the museum launched Everybody's a Kid Wednesdays, where adults also get the $5.50 child admission price. Go ahead enjoy childhood, a little bit of summer and art too! 

*The museum exhibition 431 Gallery is funded in part by the Buckingham Foundation, the Arts Council of Indianapolis and the City of Indianapolis and is free with museum admission following the 6/27 opening reception.


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