Okay So Here's The Story

Nope I'm Not Moving...I Adore Fortville, But...

I also have a soft spot for Carmel! I grew up in Carmel. I'm a Carmel High School grad. You can find me in Carmel on the weekends from time to time. I have family and a very best friend that still live there. I love attending Our Lady of Mount Carmel on a Sunday every so often as well. There is something about coming back to a place where you have such good memories. It's like coming home to me. It makes my heart happy. And no matter where I am for some reason Carmel always seems to find me. A fun tidbit, my next door neighbor in Fortville is a Carmel grad as well. We graduated the same year! However in a class of 700+ we never knew one another. Funny we would end up right next door to one another. Love her dearly now! A good neighbor indeed.

Growing up I walked the paths of the Flowing Well Park and Cool Creek Park. I've been to many a CarmelFest. The fest is going on 22 years now...man that makes me feel old! I've sledded down the big hill at the golf course off 116th and Gray. I used to shop at O'Malia's Grocery Store back when it wasn't owned by Marsh. So glad they kept the fireplace shop as O'Malia's. It's good when some things stay the same. Muldoon's is one of my absolute favs. I used to eat there when it was a hole in the wall pub next to the Schwinn bike shop. I now drag my husband to eat there whenever I can. Yes, I have a little bit of Carmel in me, and I wouldn't trade that part for the world. It's made me who I am today and to many that is Fortville Mama, along with my amazing friend Ashley Thomas. No fear friends, that isn't changing. I love Fortville Mama. It brings me such joy to be able to showcase such a wonderful small town and Main Street Indiana community.

However, with my equally amazing friend Beth Pack, I am launching Carmel Mama. In an effort to do the same for Carmel mamas. To share and inform about family fun in your own "backyard". To celebrate and showcase shopping local and shopping small. And to have fun with local giveaways. I hope you will support me in this new venture and maybe from time to time stop by Carmel for a little visit too. There are treasures to be found just like in Fortville. For example, Simply Sweet Shoppe! We're working on getting a blog up for Carmel Mama too. Bear with us. In the meantime, here's a photo to enjoy of me with Beth in the backyard of my brother's house in Carmel. We were having fun making s'mores. The silly girl had never let her kids make them! And for some reason I can never keep my eyes open for a picture with this chick! What the heck?! Oh and by the way, she is amazingly talented! Check out her page - Elizabeth Pack Photography!

Cheers to a new journey! Can't wait Beth Pack!


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