Lemonade Day Dreams Come Full Circle

One Boy's Lemonade Day Journey

And oh what a journey it has been! I have so enjoyed watching Little Man learn and bud into this little entrepreneur that I didn't even know was there! He continues to amazes me! He is so multi-faceted. I 100% believe there are big things ahead for him as he grows up. The world is truly his. He can do anything he puts his mind to and more!

I highly recommend doing the Lemonade Day journey with your kids. We've learned, laughed and been inspired throughout the journey; and not only our little family, but others have told me how refreshing it was to see his excitement through the journey. The entrepreneurship bug really does start young, and I think it's definitely bitten Little Man!

I love how much support there was for the journey too. The interactive online workbook is amazing! He begged to get on the computer daily to do his next section! He'd often replay sections too! He loved it. Being able to get a Lemonade Day backpack with supplies at the local libraries is great too. Plus tons of pre-Lemonade Day events to enjoy as well! As a homeschooling family, we loved the whole experience! It easily fit in our lesson plan for the year. (Check out one of our early blog posts over at Indianapolis Lemonade Day.)

We are so blessed to have so much community support! Our local community embraced Little Man and his journey. The local ice cream parlor owners were his entrepreneur mentors. He had great help brainstorming a name for his stand and even help with his artwork and his stand! The Chamber made him an honorary member and did an official ribbon cutting! Many local people stopped by for his soft launch and ribbon cutting too. The local center for keeping youth creative cut him a deal on parking lot rental for a prime spot for his Saturday stand for Indianapolis Lemonade Day! I can't say enough about what great people there are in Fortville

There's still time to start your own stand for this year's Lemonade Day! It's this Saturday May 17th! Visit Indianapolis Lemonade Day website to learn more and don't miss the downtown canal turning yellow this Friday at 10:30a.m. with Mayor Ballard.

To cap off our experience, I asked Little Man a few questions today after his soft launch and ribbon cutting. Here are his candid answers.

What was the biggest thing you learned in the Lemonade Day journey? That having a business is hard work but fun too. I like having my own business.

What was your favorite part of our soft launch today? Actually selling my lemonade and getting to talk to my customers. I like it when they smiled.

What are you looking for to for Saturday's Indianapolis Lemonade Day? To getting more customers!


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