MamaTipTuesday! Save at the SPRING Whale of a Sale!

It's barely SPRING and I'm already thinking FALL.

November for us will be busy!

Why you ask?

We, my husband and I, are expecting!

Baby number 3!

My husband always said two kiddos was a perfect number, but after a long talk and some convincing, I talked him into another baby. Although, he did say that if we have another girl, he would have to get another BOY dog to even things out around here. Anywho, I could not resist the baby itch! I love my girls so much and I just wanted more! For the longest time I thought we were only going to have two, and we gave away all of my maternity clothes, baby gear, baby clothes and cloth diapers, thinking we wouldn't need them anymore. Silly me! Well shopping here I come! No need to twist my arm.

And just in time, the spring Whale of a Sale! For most women after the first baby, baby showers and gifts are more of the exception rather than the norm. Therefore, we will need to get all the things for #3 at a reasonable price! Since baby stuff is only used for a short period of time and most things are gently used, you can usually find great stuff at great prices at consignment shops and sales! Sometimes you can find brand new stuff too! Seasoned mamas know that babies and kids can suddenly go through a growth spurt and all of a sudden those new clothes you just bought don't fit! 

I love to hit up the big consignment sales like Whale of a Sale! Did I mention this sale is at the Indiana State Fairgrounds?! Which means it will be HUGE! When is this HUGE money saving fabulous sale (AKA: Whale of a Sale) going on you ask?!? April 30th-May 3rd, 2014

Here is a schedule of events for the BIG sale. I always like to check big consignment sale schedules before I go to make sure when the preview days are, if there are special hours and if the last day might be a special discount day. It's always good to plan ahead. I love watching the sale's social posts in the days before too. It's fun to see what kind of items are coming through the door for the sale. Gets me all pumped for the hunt. Like the year I was helping a friend find a toddler bed. We saw it post and made it ours that first day! Score!

But wait, where do they get all the sale stuff? From you! Yes, it's true! And an awesome way to make some cash off of your gently used baby and child items that are no longer needed! Lets face it, kids, although small, have LOTS of stuff! Why not de-clutter, tag it, drop off for the sale and make some extra bucks?!

It's as simple as that! Easier than a garage sale and you can sell multiple items quickly. For more details on consigning visit the Whale of a Sale website.

To attend and shop the Whale of a Sale is free (during the public shop days and hours), but all savvy consignment shoppers know that the private PRESALE event is where it is at. If you are looking for something specific this year, this is golden and lets you be one of the first to get to shop! And we are thrilled at Fortville Mama to be able to offer you a chance to win a pair presale tickets! There are five chances to win! Good luck peeps!

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