MamaTipTuesday! Simple Cold Season Tip!

Allergies? Cold? Flu? We have a simple germy tissue solution!

Its been a long winter and the weather man is calling for snow. I think we are close to the record for totally amount of snow to fall this year. Oh Joy!

I'm ready for warm weather to be here now and for good! It doesn't help that I have been miserable with a sinus infection the last few days too. I've also had little ones around the house with runny noses as well.
I decided I needed something to control the tissue clutter. I knew I had all these plastic wipe containers laying around that needed a purpose. We also had these great small little bags from the Dollar Tree that you can get 75 for $1. They are usually in the baby aisle called Fresh Sacks for diapers. Bingo! I lined the tubs with the little bags and when they fill up, I just take out everything with the plastic bag! No snotty mess left behind!
This idea sprang from a pin I've saw on Pinterest where you take an empty tissue box and rubber band it to a full one. I love the idea, but they are hard to line and they can't be washed if you want to de-germ. I thought these are a great solution, and we are being eco-friendly and reusing the wipe containers!

     Dollar Tree - Fresh Sacks
Or look for the super small plastic shopping bags!

    Perfect little liners!

     Set one by every 'tissue station' in your house!
    These are also perfect for the car! 

Or use a travel pack in the lid!

     I like to use the container for night times snuffles. This way I don't here little feet running to the bathroom so late at night! 


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