A Chapter Closes - A Fortville Goodbye

Oh Say It Isn't So...

This is actually the very first photo we ever posted on the Fortville Mama FB page!

A little over a week ago a bright spot in our little town closed their doors - The Fort Grille. When the news came out, our hearts ached. Both Ashley and I adored The Fort Grille. We loved the owners, the staff (especially Gabby and Angie!) and most of all the food! Our taste buds delighted in Chef Jamez' creations - from the Peanut Butter Burger and famous Mac and Cheese to the S'more Cake with Graham Cracker Ice Cream and pretty much everything in between. Actually, I never had a bad dish at the Fort Grille - never! Almost like a favorite network sitcom, I guess it's best to go out while you're on top, but still we're in mourning over here at Fortville Mama. It was one of our favorite lunch and dinner spots. One of our favorite mama night out spots. One of our favorite take the family out spots. You always saw someone you knew while there. Almost like Cheers, where everyone knows your name.

At least we'll have our memories. We'll miss you Fort Grille! Can't wait to see where the journey takes you next Chef Jamez! Crossing our fingers on the cookbook idea! We really really really need that mac and cheese recipe!

- Jen


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