Mama Tip Tuesday! Shop local and create!

This holiday season, will be epic.

How do I know this? I have decided that everyone we gift to will recieve something made with love.
First of all, I love to repurpose things. Second of all, it's so great to get products locally!
I never know when I will find inspiration. Usually I look for things that are unique or stand out to me! My latest find was in a little consignment store much like Vendors Village.

We have shopped Vendors Village a few times after a neighbor raved about the treasure she found. I admit, I was envious. I watched her transform a great table into something better then what you could find at pottery barn. The table was solid wood, with claw feet, and was a beautiful quarter sawn oak. She gave it a sand down, adorned the base with a deep charcol gray then added a few coats of polyurethane to the top.
Moral of the story? We can repurpose and create something epic.
Lets go back to my latest find that I couldn't pass up. This vintage treasure whoooooted "Ashley take me home! Give me a new life!" So I did. A little sanding, taping, new hardware, stickers and spray paint later, I have something with personality that I can call my own.
This little whoot will become a necklace holder for my daughter. What fun!
Tell us, what is the neatest thing you have found at a consignment store?


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