Indiana State Museum Ice Age Exhibit - Meet Fred!

Touch. Listen. Interact.

Have you been down to the Ice Age Giants Exhibit at the Indiana State Museum?

If not, you are missing out! It runs 11/16/13 - 8/17/14. I have to say our kiddos thoroughly enjoyed every ounce of it! Well, I have to admit, so did we! We took the whole Fortville Mama crew out, both mine and Jenny's.

As an art education major in college, we studied many things including prehistoric art. I remember going through page after page thinking, these pictures surely cannot do these justice. I, myself, have always had tough time learning from a text book. I have to touch, listen and interact with things to truly learn from it. This exhibit did just that.

First stop was digging for dinosaur bones. I think the kiddos would have stayed in there all day if we let them. They loved the hands-on nature of it!

In the past, I have seen employees of various attractions occupy their stations and do just that, the bare minimum. However, it seemed that every one of the Indiana State Museum employees were hand pick to make the Ice Age Giants Exhibit special for small minds. Every one of them had something interesting to say and were so happy to teach both the kiddos and the parents!

Yes, they would have stayed all day, if we let them!
After we wrestled them out of the pit'o'bones, we kept exploring. Most stations had the little red button that kids love to push, or they could place their little hand on a hand outline to make the station come to life. Almost an "easy" button for learning. The interaction of watching a dinosaur chew was a bit mesmerizing! 

This, my friends cannot be experienced in text books. They couldn't believe how big they were! They also were intrigued by the differences between a mammoth and a mastodon.

We took in the sights while thinking about the past. Would I have survived taking down a mammoth, so my family could eat? These guys are massive!

Next we moved on to something a little less massive, building a baby mammoth. Which my girls had to take apart and put back together at least 3 times. Such fun!
It may not be massive to an adult but to a 20 month old, two 4 year olds and even the 8 year old, it was pretty big! 
So many hands on and mind enriching activities! I love watching all our sugarpies little minds take it all in and discover the past. Jenny's little man enjoyed digging through sand to find stick "bones" that when put together made a puzzle picture. A great day for a sensory loving kiddo!
Truly activities around every corner at this exhibit! Fun for the whole family! It's one that cannot be missed! Oh and follow Fred the Mastodon on Twitter. Who knew a Mastodon could have a Twitter account! He has a funny side - you won't want to miss his tweets! #IceAgeISM @FredIndiana
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  1. This was a great exhibit! My older kids loved it too.


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