Bargersville Daddy Comes to Fortville

Up Close and Personal with Some Fortvillians

A few weeks ago I got the pleasure to meet Bargersville Daddy and my lovely sister at The Georgetowner Draft House for a little impromptu appetizer and beverage. He and my sister came to town for their high school reunion, which was being hosted at Ten West Center for the Arts. I won't say which milestone reunion it was, but I am the younger sister, so take your guesses!

Early that particular Saturday I had gotten a text message that they were making the trip up to our neck of the woods and would love to visit the famous bar on Main Street! They had recently read about it in the paper and heard from others of its charm! Sure! I always jump at the chance to show off this little town I call home. Truly I adore it. #iheartFortville indeed.

I always love to hear others feedback when they visit. I enjoy hearing about their individual experience and what quaint charms of Fortville catch their eye. In the spirit of that, I asked my brother-in-law (aka Bargersville Daddy) to guest blog and tell us about his experience in our little town.

To give you a little back story: When I started Fortville Mama earlier this year, my brother-in-law Davey, lovingly poked a little fun and would sign his notes to me on Facebook as Bargersville Daddy. To all of our surprise Fortville Mama took off and continues to grow. For that I am very blessed. I keep telling him there might just be something to this Bargersville Daddy thing!

Without further ado: A Note From Bargersville Daddy

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Fortville.  It sure is an inviting town with beautiful streets full of charm. Everyone looked ready for fall and Halloween. I loved how the town is situated in the middle of corn fields. It gives it kind of a cocoon feel.
I think the first thing I saw after entering the town was one enormous elephant situated by the liquor store. Who could get lost looking for their beer supplier in this place?
Our first stop this particular Saturday evening was to have a visit at The Georgetowner Draft House with the Fortville Mama.  In our opinion, "Mama" is Fortville's best and most effective cheerleader… singing the praises of this beautiful place on this new thing called "Facebook".  Wish my town had a "Mama”.  She is so effective at pointing out the highlights of her beloved hometown. She would make anyone want to visit!
We sat and visited with "Mama" and heard all about her beautiful town with the beautiful Main Street. The pub was excellent! Great selection of beer and some of the best appetizers we have had in a long time. We had pizza nachos, something I had never seen on a menu - and I have seen lots of menus in my life! They were excellent and so unique. I have been craving them for the past two weeks. Being coleslaw connoisseurs, we also tried the chef's special recipe featuring Jameson Whiskey. Wow- yummy in our tummies!  I have tasted more bad attempts at this simple dish than good, but this one was a winner.
We got to talk to the chef that evening. He was a real treat and someone with real ambition. Fortville is lucky to have him in town. They would be luckier if he stays forever. We also got to hear about his weekly $1 tacos. We will definitely be back to the Georgetowner even though it was almost an hour drive. Would rather they open up a branch closer to home in Bargersville, but this place will just give us another reason to come back to Fortville.
After hugging "Mama" goodbye, we were on our way to our high school reunion at Ten West Center for the Arts on Church Street, a former church that has been transformed into a very impressive arts center. The building was amazing and welcoming, but at the time, was full of beautiful old people- my former classmates. The center has room for lessons, receptions, weddings, art instructions, etc. What an incredible asset for any town! Hope all Fortvillians, or whatever they are called, will take advantage of this great resource for children and adults. Every town should be so lucky to have it!
Fortville seems like a wonderful place to live...a small town with great resources within driving distance of a big city. But if Fortville is to keep this small town feel, it will take some willpower by the city planners to not take the easy route and turn it into "New" Fishers- bloated, crowded, and generic.  Hopefully in twenty years, Fortville will still seem more like Mayberry than another north side mega suburb. I hope to make many trips back within that time to see how they are doing.

-Bargersville Daddy (aka Davey)



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