A Big Heart and Helping Hands

The Jack Roysdon Memorial Foundation

This evening a wonderful event will be taking place in Fortville. The 1st Annual Jack Roysdon Memorial Benefit Dinner. I have to say the story of the foundation's namesake has captured my heart. What a wonderful man and a true Fortvillian! He embodied exactly what I love most about this quaint little town...that people are still neighborly and watch out for one another and just plain care about one another. 
From what I understand from Jack's daughter, Deb, he was a man with a huge heart. He loved helping people. He was always willing to give second chances. He was part of the amazing Fortville Optimists. (I adore what they do for our town with youth sports! An all-star organization!) All in all, in my opinion he was a true community-focused, loving, good-hearted man, who through the non-profit foundation created by his family is living on in memory and still touching the lives of so many. A life well lived that still goes on to abundantly bless others. I think exactly the kind of life many of us strive to lead, but get caught up and distracted in life's silliness. Thank-you, Jack, for being all that you were and for inspiring others to be more. 
And thank-you to the Jack Roysdon Memorial Foundation for all the good you are doing in the community. I love that spread good through the little things that sometimes get forgotten, such as in the fall when you sponsored kids for back-to-school supplies. I am sure you were a sigh of relief to a few stressed parents trying to figure out how to afford supplies for the year.
I can't wait to see your Christmas Eve project come to life this year as well. Growing up my Dad always lined our walk with candle lit milk jugs too. It was a beautiful, almost magical thing to come home to after Christmas Eve mass. It can't wait to see SR67 into Fortville and the path to all the churches a glow. I'm sure Jack will be smiling down on you all saying job well done. Actually, I bet he says it quite often. You are doing amazing things in our little town!
Congrats on your 1st annual benefit dinner! May there be smiles, laughs, memories and BIG donations tonight!


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