Mama Tip Tuesday! Give a Duck a Chance!

Give a duck egg a chance I mean!

Have you hugged a duck today?

We have eaten plenty of chicken eggs in my house. We enjoy them quite a bit with homemade salsa in the morning! No one in my family thought of trying duck eggs till my girls started to lay.

Every morning I would go to feed and water the chickens, I would find one lone egg out of the coop laying on the ground. I thought it was a chicken egg. I would bring it in (or the dog would have breakfast), wash it up and go on with my day. Pretty soon I noticed that these eggs were different, they were smoother and were an ivory color. To my surprise, I cracked them open to find totally different yolks!

I do believe these dark rich yolks were laid with love. They are rich and make a tasty egg sandwich. To top it off, they are better for you too! My baked goods have never tasted so good. 

Often I watch our cute ducks out the window, as I am doing dishes. They are quite comical when they get excited and run around like they are on some secret mission. My daughters love to hold them and let them nibble at their hands. 

They're tasty, healthful and slightly higher in protein! So, can I challenge you, to give a duck a chance?


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