Mama Tip Tuesday! Sweet Savings at the Farmer's Market!

I smell savings, sweet cinnamon apple savings!

Last Thursday the girls and I stopped at the Farmer's market to take a few pictures of the glorious local produce. I didn't have a lot of cash on hand that day so we didn't plan on staying long. We stumbled upon one of the apple vendors that had a big (about 10lbs) bag of apples, labeled seconds $2.00. I love apples, but there are times that we pass them up since they can be more costly then the other produce. This week was the week to get my fix! I couldn't leave these apples behind. After all I'm not perfect and neither were they. Another fall favorite of mine would be at Tuttles Orchards, CARAMEL APPLES!

I brought them home and wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with them. I showed them to my husband and he said his mom used to cut them up, throw them in a pot, then sprinkle cinnamon and brown sugar. Easy enough!
This is what I did:

5-7 lbs Apples chopped and peeled
2 Tbps Cinnamon
2 Tbps Brown Sugar
Juice of one lemon

I threw it all in the crock pot, stirred and let the sweet smells fill the house. For about 6 hours on low or warm. I accidentally left it on warm for 6 hours. Happy accident? I think so. At the end my apples were so tender and sweet!

Nothing was wasted! My Chickens loved the peels!

Coated and ready to be cooked!

After about 2 hours of cooking!

The hardest decision after this is to use the potato masher for chunky Apple Sauce of throw it in the blender?
Blender it is.

Yes, I had two bowls full!


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