Mama Tip Tuesday! Sand Box with seat and cover!

Sand in my toes

There is something so invigorating about covering your feet in sand. Nothing more relaxing then running your fingers in the sand. It can definitely clear your mind after a long day.

My girls can spend hours in the sand. My 1 year old loves to roll in it. Throw it over her head and go wild. My 3 year old loves to build castles and put little flags in them. I have a feeling that they will both be artists like their mama! My chickens even love to play in it too. Now, if I can get them to start painting I could become a millionaire selling their artwork!
I sent the plans to "Poppie" (what the girls call grandpa) and said that the girls needed this sand box! Keep in mind that Poppies have a soft spot for granddaughters. This special Poppie was grandpa daycare for two years. He came to our aid when I was working, when I was pregnant with the second and on bed rest and then when I transitioned to two children. He has a special place in all of our hearts! 

All it took was sending him this link SAND BOX PLANS and he was off... Finding things to sell to fund the project and collecting all the materials. He thought of all the details, even rounding off the corners in case someone bumped their head. We all liked this particular plan since it was simple and kept the cat, dog and chickens out of the sand box. Plus it's easy for the girls to get in and out of.

Look at them go!


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