Community Impact - One Mobile Food Pantry At A Time

Tackling the Issue of Access with a Pantry on Wheels


This Saturday the Gleaners Mobile Pantry will arrive in Fortville again to help those in need, especially those with barriers including transportation, mobility and cost of travel. The event is organized by the Vernon Township Trustee and The Fortville/McCordsville Chamber of Commerce. Through both group's coordination with Gleaners this great program is brought to the town at no cost to the tax payers or either organization. A completely FREE event that benefits so many that truly need it.

For more info on how this Gleaner's program works for communities in need click here.

I had the opportunity to volunteer at the last Gleaner's Mobile Pantry in Fortville, and I was impressed by the entire operation. It was so well organized and there were so many great volunteers there to truly help. Plus getting to chat with the families while checking them in was a humbling experience. I remember the times in my life when I could have benefited from being in that very line, but I let my pride keep me from the help that was readily there. I think everyone gets down on their luck at least once in their life, don't you? I encourage those in need in the Fortville area to accept this amazing help poured out by Gleaners and two great organizations within our town.

I know there has been a bit of confusion about what the Fortville Mobile Pantry is and how it works. It's just like a regular food pantry but on wheels. It arrives to a designated spot within the community, on a designated day and time and food is pulled from the truck and set-up on tables. Families are checked in (you only need to provide a small amount of info about your household) and then guided by volunteers through the mobile pantry line to select food to take home. A very simple process indeed. A single mobile pantry provides enough food for 150 to 300 households.

This Saturday's event will take place from 10 a.m. - noon in the parking lot of Erlewein Mortuary at 124 E. Staat Street. It will again be a walk through mobile pantry (not drive through). If you are disabled and need help through the line or someone to shop for you, that can be done too. There also are volunteers to help you to your car with your food. If you have questions, please feel free to call the Vernon Township Trustee at 317.485.7327


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