Caramel Apples Oh My!

It isn't September without a trip to Tuttle Orchards!

When I saw the weather report mid-week, I knew exactly where we were spending our Saturday afternoon! Tuttle Orchards - one of our favorite fall spots in Hancock County. I love the drive through the corn fields on the way there. I love how the kids get excited and chatter in the backseat about all they are going to do while we're at Tuttle's. I love walking across the street to the farm store and sweet shop. We always do that first after we park! The kids can never wait to run and see the bee hive too. They are always in awe of the buzzing bees and their honey. It never gets old for them. Then there is the kid's farm play area, a wonderland of farm fun. A hay maze, mini tractors to drive, a corn stalk house to play in and a huge play set complete with a tire swing. I always leave the coach man (aka my husband) to tend the hooligans for a minute and sneak off to cut my own sunflowers while they play. Only a $1 a stem! U-pick apples are fun too. The kids love the wagon. They fight over who gets to pull it. We always end up with so many apples that a pie or two is definitely in order.

There is so much fun to be had at Tuttle Orchards, we end up going quite a few weekends between September and October. Follow them on Facebook to keep up to date on all the fun happening each week year round.

Here's my top ten Favorites at Tuttle Orchards!

1.  Caramel apples with nuts from Tuttle's Sweet Shop
2.  U-Pick apples
3.  Pork burgers from the Tuttle Orchard Farm Shop freezer
4.  Pecan apple butter
5.  Apple salsa
6.  Bee hive
7.  Buying flats of flowers in the spring for planting
8.  Peanut butter fudge
9.  Roasted corn from Tuttle's Grill
10. Unique seasonal d├ęcor items



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