The Farm Fresh Egg Challenge

Is there really a difference?

So in theme with Ashley's chicken coop adventures, I was a brave girl this evening and bought farm fresh eggs from Brawner's booth at the Fortville Farmers Market. I'd been curious to try them. Jamez from The Fort Grille raves about them. I've had people tell me they are healthier for you, as well and naturally lower in cholesterol. I also found this helpful blog that has tons more "facts" on why they are better. But there a taste difference? Are they really better??

Our family couldn't wait for breakfast tomorrow...we had to find out tonight! I fried up one of our regular store bought eggs and then one of the farm fresh eggs that the friendly vendor advised were plucked from the coop just today.
With our yummy BLTs (bacon and tomatoes from the market) that we had for dinner, we each taste tested the two eggs and decided which we thought was better. To be fair to the eggs, I didn't tell the rest of the family which was which until after we were all done.  Which do you think they liked better, or could they even tell a difference?
See if you can tell in the photos below which is which?

Okay, I'll tell...they all picked the brown farm fresh egg! They said it tasted yummy! My kids fought over finishing it off. My husband took pity on the store bought one and finished it off.

I find again and again, there is nothing like shopping local and fresh! Lucky for me Brawner's has eggs all the time at their store on SR67! I think I might just become a regular!


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