On a Whim

So why Fortville Mama?

Many have asked, "How did you come up with the Fortville Mama idea?" Well, to be honest on a whim late one Thursday evening. It seems the best wild ideas come at odd hours, don't they!?

About 4 years ago, I fell in love with a small town by the name of Fortville. It's a hidden treasure just minutes northeast of Indy. If you blink as you head east on Pendleton Pike, you might just miss the little one light town. It's a little bit country but still close to city life. People still smile and wave at one another and kids still run the block playing games full of imagination. You often can hear the sweet whistle of train cars as they roll through town, and the stars shine bright almost every night. It’s where I call home, and I adore it!

Fishers may be rated one of the best places to live, but I’d pick Fortville over Fishers any day. I love that neighbors really are neighbors and people genuinely care for others. Main Street is just a walk away with a coffee shop, an old fashioned ice cream parlor, an antique shop, a pub and diner waiting to be explored. Festivals are dotted throughout the year; my favorite the Winter Festival with its old fashioned German market feel. The local diner truly could be one of Food Network’s triple Ds. Their peanut butter burger and sweet fries are to die for. The little league feels like family and the community as a whole really makes an effort where our youth are concerned. For example in the heart of town, a center helping youth stay creative, and they do just that and more!
I feel like Fortville, who was just recently awarded the title of an Indiana Main Street community, might just be on the verge of something wonderful. Maybe the beginning stages of a downtown Zionsville like atmosphere, and I’m so glad I’m a part of it! I love that so many people have a vision for the community and want to take action to bring it to life; banding together to make Fortville a great place to live, work and play.
So getting back to my original whim, I wanted to show people that Fortville is a great place to put down roots and raise a family. There is joy in living at a slower pace. Most of all, there is tons to do in our own community. Tons to keep a growing family busy during every season. I delight in small town simple living and Fortville Mama is all about sharing all that is local, family-centered and fun in our own backyard! Watch for fun posts from myself and my follow Fortville Mama, Ashley. We'll be covering local events, local businesses and local topics of interest. Periodically, we'll also feature GIVEAWAYS from the local businesses, Wandering Wednesdays, highlighting one tank low cost family fun trips in Indiana, as well and every Tuesday our highly requested Mama Tip Tuesdays!


  1. What a great story! And I, for one, am SO glad that you followed this whim :-)

    Best wishes,


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