Mama Tip Tuesday! Small Town Living in the Coop

My chickens have taken up residence in the Coop!

Our wild girls spent many nights roosting in our big evergreen tree in our back yard. Then they would wake up at the crack of dawn to get into mischief by throwing the neighbor's mulch around. Hooligans.
Recently, we finally had a free weekend to devote time to building our girls a coop. I have to say my husband is pretty amazing and handy. He took a mini barn that was in our back yard (left from the pervious owner) and converted it into a chicken coop. A few months ago I saw an idea to take buckets to make nesting boxes. I thought it was a great idea, especially for easy cleaning!

To start, I posted an ad on Freecycle listing that I was looking for Kitty Litter Buckets for my new coop's nesting boxes. A week later I found someone that had a bunch of them! Yea for FREE! The great thing about this set up is the use of recycled materials. Potentially, the stand can be made out of pallet wood. We however used scrap wood we had left over from other projects.

My girls have so much fun with the chickens!
Have you hugged a chicken today?


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