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Family Night Out at Goldfish Swim School

We experienced Family Night Out at Goldfish swim school for the first time this month.

I'm sad it took this long. My kids were stir crazy on a Friday night and my husband left to run a call. Someone's furnace was not working. It left me wondering how I was going to handle 3 kids at a pool, by myself.

The kids didn't waste any time getting into the car to head to the pool. Nor did it take long to pull on their swim suits. Before we knew it, all 4 of us were in the pool and my 3 yr old was riding on a floating duck. My worries melted away when I saw how much fun the kids were having and the extra set of eyes from the lifeguards.

The girls practiced their moves and swam from base to base. They even dived to grab rings off the bottom of the pool. Something last year they were not confident enough to do. My son was happy just jumping in like he was super man. I also noticed how much fun the other families were having. There were not only parents but many grandparents enjoying time…

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