Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Local Artisan in Fortville - reNEW Design and Construct

Have you ever wanted to breath new life into something old?

Owner of reNEW Design and Construct Jason Miller, wife Harmony and father-in-law Denna Conyers do just that!

I'm huge lover of handmade or handcrafted items. One of my favorite pieces in my home was built and designed by my dad. He gave it to us as a wedding gift; a custom TV stand for our flat screen built from a sassafras tree from our woods. Each day as I pass by it, I think of him and think of all the work and love that he put into it. I also think of the woods that I roamed growing up. It's a piece of not only my dad but my childhood.

Jason and his crew share this same passion. To give something a new life or purpose so that it can be enjoyed for years to come. When you walk into their shop the wonderful aroma of wood hits you, and you find yourself surrounded by so many treasures and pure creativity. It's inspiring! There's such beauty in their custom reclaimed wood pieces and a rich history as well! The stories of shelves made from a barn that was ready to fall, a table from an old Victorian home in Greenfield or an art piece on the wall from Main Street Fortville.

Here are all the things ReNEW Design and Construct has to offer:

If you step into Jason's workshop you'll find many treasures waiting to be transformed. One stack of wood originating from the oldest gymnasium in Hancock County and other stacks from old barns. He and Denna make beautiful rustic tables, shelves and more from the reclaimed lumber.

Before Jason's current business adventure, he did professional restoration. I was surprised when he mentioned the town I hung out in as a teenager - Greencastle, Indiana (located 2 hours from Fortville). Jason has restored quite a few historical store fronts on the square in Greencastle! Additionally, he has expertise to restore historical furnishing inside homes as well! Such pure talent!

Do you have an old table that was handed down for generations in your family? Maybe you found a piece that you love at a thrift store? You've been wanting to refinish it but don't know how or have the time to devote? Hire a professionals like Jason and Denna to bring it back to life!

How cool would it be to find something that is not being used anymore and give it a new purpose? At reNEW Design and Construct you'll find things like a really neat hanging light made from old face plates of vintage door knobs that looks fabulous plus so many more treasures. Who would have thought!

Commercial Items
reNEW Design and Construct also constructs amazing commercial furniture and will soon have a large space on the second floor of the store to show case his work. Most recently they have created mobile cubicles for a local church!

Don't forget they will do custom work too! 

Oh and get this mamas! Free baby holding while you shop for artisan treasures! You can't beat that!

Jason and Denna of reNEW Design and Construct.

Make sure to pop in and check out all the treasures for yourself. Their hours are Wednesday - Saturday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram as well to keep up on all the new artisan pieces as they find their way from the workshop floor to the retail shop floor!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wandering Wednesday - Potter's Bridge Park

Potter's Bridge Park in Noblesville Has a Piece of My Heart!

So many great memories nestled in this cozy little park off the beaten path in Noblesville. We used to push Grammy in her wheel chair along the path and look for nature "treasures", meet cousin Izzy to skip stones and look for tadpoles down by the river and play "spaceship" with Daddy, Aunt Amy and Tara on the play structure. We often still take a drive on a summer weekend and end up at this quaint little slice of outdoor heaven. 

Here's our top 7 reasons we love Potter's Bridge Park!
  • The swings along the walking paths.
  • The shade. On hot summer days, it's a perfect shady place to lunch and play.
  • The only remaining covered bridge in all of Hamilton County! Very cool to walk on, explore and take in the beauty of White River below.
  • Two play structures in one area. Tons of opportunity for imagination and fun. Did I mention our go-to "spaceship" game? Little man still loves that one to this day!
  • The water overlooks along the nature walking/running/biking paths. Safe ways to step out and take in the beauty of White River.
  • Canoe access for a fun trip down White River and part of the 3.25 mile long White River Greenway Trail that takes you through Forest Park to downtown Noblesville or to Morse Park and Beach.
  • Every October the Potter's Bridge Fall Festival with art and craft booths, exhibitors, food, live music and kid's activities!
Who knew such an awesome outdoor treasure was so close to home?!

Photo Credit: The awesome Tara Thomas of Hg Studio in Noblesville.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Mama Tip Tuesday! Pump, Don't Dump!

Don't let that liquid gold go down the drain or in the trash!

No Fear. No human milk was destroyed in his demo pic.
Breast milk is amazing stuff that is not to be wasted. Packed full of nutrients and with tons of health benefits. Let's just say I'm not a newbie to breastfeeding. I'm currently growing baby #3 with this miracle stuff, and I've breastfed a total of over 4 years now! I want to share how I've put it to good use other then just feeding my littles.

Monkey see, monkey do.
I struggled so much with my first, never had a freezer stash and would cry over spilt milk. With my 2nd and 3rd, I had more then I could handle! My second never took a bottle and to this day, at 3 years old, she still will not drink milk from a cup! Therefore I was not able to return to work and childcare was going to cause this mama to just break even! All the extra breast milk could have gone to waste, had I not found a use for it.

So over the years this is how I've put that "liquid gold" to use:

Milk Sharing:

I had an awesome experience with The Milk Bank. The screening process via blood test was simple and shipping was easy! The super cool thing is that the milk goes to fragile infants in NICUs all over the Midwest! Yes, you can save the life of a tiny little baby too! All you need to do is commit to donating 100 ounces for The Milk Bank to cover screening costs. Did you know that 1 ounce = 3 feedings for these tiny little nurslings? I have a friend that donated over 1,000 ounces! Can you imagine how many babies she fed?!

You can also explore direct donation. Some mamas don't meet the donor requirements or simply want to give to someone personally. (Warning: Milk share at your own risk! Unpasteurized milk is a bodily fluid and can transmit diseases.) With baby #3 I no longer qualified as a donor for the milk bank. So far I've given to a mom trying to keep her baby for a year on breast milk while pregnant. One mom that had surgery. Another mom that had to undergo chemotherapy for breast cancer. Some mom's are simply not able to breastfeed and babies cannot tolerate formula. If I were in these mom's shoes, I would want the healthiest option for my baby! A plus is seeing these sweet babies grow like mine have! That is worth every moment of pumping and washing supplies! To find moms in need or if in need check out Eats on Feets.

Thinking Outside the Box:

Some people think it's odd that I make soap with breast milk. First of all, during the saponification process all bacteria is killed. It's no different then goats milk soap. It's better for your skin too. Plus I feel way better knowing what I use on my body. 

The milk that is not donated to babies is made into soap. Click here are the safe storage guidelines. There have been times I have heated up a bottle from frozen and was not able to use it in the first hour. Instead of dumping it down the drain I put it in ice cube trays and freeze it for soap! The super cool thing is that this inspired me to start making my own cold process soaps. It gave me a hobby that I enjoy doing and teaching others. My oldest who has sensitive skin hasn't had a reaction since using our homemade soap. My youngest little guy has had beautiful skin thanks to it. No baby acme for this guy!

Yes, breast milk is awesome for your skin! There are many benefits. 
  • Last summer I let my two oldest play outside in the sunshine too long. They were a little red, so I threw some milk into the bath water. The next day the burns were gone! Did you know even Cleopatra bathed in milk and raved about its beautifying benefits! 
  • Don't forget boo-boos. It does an amazing job at healing scratches, scrapes, cuts or burns! Just simply apply frequently and watch how quickly it heals!
  • I've head of many mom's rave about how well it works on eczema as well.
  • Want a way to remember a savor the younger years? Your milk can even be preserved for ever in a special piece of jewelry! Yep, you heard me right, even jewelry. 
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wandering Wednesday - Brooks School Park

Whenever the weather has been a little soggy, and then boom there is a nice day in the mix, this is our go-to park! I love the fun layout and most of all that it's not centered in mulch or dirt. It's built upon a super cool engineered rubber surface and surrounded by concrete paths. Perfect for running, jumping, climbing and getting energy out for little ones, without the addition of mud. It's definitely got the mama stamp of approval. 

Less mess does make me giddy, but there are other perks too. Things like fall protection and that the materials used are made of recycled materials. Additionally, there are separate areas for older and younger kids, plus elements prefect for children with disabilities. All around it is an all-star park, and I am glad it's so close to home. Really just down the street from Fortville, off 116th and Brooks School Rd. 

The outdoor play structure is full of features and multiple slides. My kiddos could play for hours and never be bored. Plus there are lots of swings and hands-on interactive elements too. Even areas where they can make music! There are paths to walk, covered and uncovered picnic areas to lunch and courts for basketball. Oh and the swings! We love the swings. I love that I can push my daughter and still see my son pretending to be a pirate at the top of the play structure. 

Then there is the babbling brook and the bridge you cross to enter the park. The kiddos are always fascinated by this water element and have to stop and watch the water for a bit before heading to play. Maybe even play a quick game of Pooh Sticks too. Overall, such a great park and only a hop, a skip and jump from Fortville. We do love our Memorial and Landmark Parks in Fortville, but on a Wandering Wednesday, it's fun to explore a little too.

February-May 2015 Wandering Wednesdays brought to you by Indy Zoom Groom. Thank-you for your support of Fortville Mama and local family fun in and around Hancock County, Indiana. All thoughts and opinions are our own. Thank-you to the businesses that help support Fortville Mama. Your support is allowing us to make 2015 even cooler than 2014!

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Monday, February 16, 2015

A True Hancock County Treasure - Bob Burchfield of

I had one of the best conversations I've had in sometime with a social savvy Hancock County gentleman a couple of weekends ago - Bob Burchfield. The time flew, and the stories flowed. You see, in my eyes and many others, Bob Burchfield is a bit of a treasure, not only in our state, but in Hancock County as well. He's a self-taught photographer that takes some of the most amazing photos this girl has ever seen of our gorgeous Hoosier state, and in his spare time, he runs the informative groundbreaking statewide site - To the best of my knowledge, it is the only site of its kind that covers the entire state - all 92 counties.

It's one of my favorites of his! Hinkle Fieldhouse
Photo Credit: Bob Burchfield. LLC. 
A Hoosier through and through, he's a Hamilton County boy by birth, but has lived all over the state in his growing up years, as his Dad worked as a Methodist pastor for churches in locations like Anderson, Kokomo, Whiteland, Cicero, Arcadia, Muncie, Brookville and Greenfield. Bob himself was once a Methodist pastor back in the 80s. The little white church just south of the Olio and Southeastern roundabout, yep that was his stomping grounds.

Bob Burchfield and his then fiancee, Pam, on June 11th 1972.
The day he graduated from college and was commissioned as a 2nd
Lieutenant in the US Air Force. They were married 13 days later. 
After graduating from the University of Evansville, he and his bride embarked on a 6 year military career that took them to places like Thailand, England, Missouri, Florida and Michigan. In Bob's words, "Thailand was just like Forrest Gump says - one day it started raining, and it didn't quit for four months, England was 40 degrees and blah, Missouri was tornado-ville, Florida the hurricane belt and when we lived in Michigan the blizzard of 1978 blessed us with 240 inches of snow. Everywhere I've lived in the world the weather was awful, and that's why I love Indiana! There are four distinct seasons." Of all that is truly Indiana, Bob's most favorite thing - the weather. I'd have to agree. I love a good Indiana fall. Nothing like it. 

After his military career ended, he came back to Greenfield because his father was the minister at Trinity Park Methodist. He's been teaching computer technology classes at the university-level since 1987, and web design since 1998. He is currently the Director of Support Services at a local university.

Back in the fall of 2002, Bob found himself teaching a web design course, where one of his students piped up and said, "Hey, you know what we need in Indiana, a website that shows what there is to do in Indy!" And there it was, the idea for was born. By the time the class was coming to an end, the site was getting a few hundred hits a day and Bob thought hmmm... I ought to keep this. This past January, averaged 15,000 hits per day.

During our lovely Saturday morning chat, out of curiosity and amazement of how much has to offer the public, I asked Bob, "How do you do it all? Does your family help?"

Nope. has always been a one man show. Bob advised that his girls (his wife and two daughters) for the most part ignore him and his passion. For 12 years (his 13th year began on Feb 1st), he's done it on his own. Not only event posts on the site and awesome pictures of tons of Indy venues, but at times, pod casts, daily audio recordings and videos as well. His newest savvy part of is a smart phone app sponsored by Indy Fringe that lets you search all sorts of categories to find fun Indy events. You can search by date, county and event type. There's also a food truck locator mobile app! All of the Indy food truck drivers update their locations in real time, so you are getting real live data. However, for the less tech savvy, you can just use the search bar on the website to find fun things to do in and around Indy as well.

Photo Credit: Bob Burchfield. LLC.
I asked Bob, "Really how the heck do you do it all? What are your secrets?" Bob smiled and let me in on a few. He gets off on Fridays at 4:30 p.m. and loves to stroll around downtown and shoot for a bit. He loves getting groups together to do events, especially if it involves food. Having an entourage with him allows him to maximize the photos, especially of yummy signature dishes from restaurants. He also plans his routes when attending an event to maximize and make the most of the trip and hit as many cool Indiana spots as possible. He's doing a fabulous job! He owns photos for 81 of the 92 counties!

However, my most favorite "secret" that Bob shared with me is that his mama gave him a great skill when he was a boy - she taught him to type at 8 years old and to this day he is an amazing typist. He even came in second in the 1965 Johnson County Secretarial Contest. Back then boys just didn't type. He's pretty sure he could have come in first if it wasn't for being a boy and all. He still has the necklace they gave him as a prize. You see they didn't have any boy prizes to give!

With so much wonderful stuff on and knowing Bob has seen so much around the state over the years, I asked, "So Bob, what's your absolute favorites in Indiana and Hancock County?" He pondered my question for a bit and said hands down The Lighthouse Lodge Bed and Breakfast on Lake Shafer is his favorite spot in all of Indiana. In his words, "It's paradise! A glorious piece of heaven and only a 100 miles from downtown." In Hancock County his favorites are the Riley Festival and the new Veterans Memorial Park near the Courthouse in Greenfield. He advised me that the Veterans Memorial Park is pretty awesome and a nice tribute to all branches of the military. I'm definitely going to have to check it out soon.

Hancock County Veterans Memorial Park.
Photo Credit: Bob Burchfield. LLC.
So what's up next for the great Bob Burchfield of Indiana? Ever tech savvy (or as he says - tech geeky), he's been experimenting with a fun hand held recording device (really almost a full recording studio in the palm of your hand) with amazing sound quality. You may be seeing some fun audio pieces coming from him in the near future!

In the end, as he so humbly tells me...he's just a guy and most often he's doing all his updating in the early morning hours in his PJs. Cheers to Bob! One amazing Hancock County gentleman!

Bob Burchfield at age 6! Adorable.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lovin' Is in the Air at McDonald's

Did you happen to catch the fun McDonald's "Pay with Lovin'" Super Bowl commercial? What an inspiring idea! We love that they are bringing a little more lovin' into their customers' lives now through Saturday February 14th by randomly selecting customers at participating locations between the hours of 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. and allowing them the option to pay for their meals with an act of Lovin' instead of moolah. For example, breakfast might be a fist bump, lunch could be a phone call home to say I love you and dinner a compliment to someone in line with you.

The very cool Angela Risley of Fortville's R-SmokeHouse was recently a Pay with Lovin' randomly selected participant. Yes, peeps, she is sometimes away from #lovetherub and has to eat something other than smoked meat. During her McDonald's visit she sang "a-da-da-duh DA, I'm loving it!" and gave the youngster behind her $2. He had been counting his change to see if he had enough for a drink, and it definitely put a smile on his face to get the extra for his drink!

In celebration of Pay with Lovin' McDonald's of Central Indiana has teamed up with Fortville Mama for a special giveaway contest - Share the Lovin'. All you have to do is share with us how you show Lovin' to those around you each and every day! 

One lucky winner will receive an awesome McDonald's prize pack (1 week's worth free McCafe Coffee, 1 month's worth Happy Meal Be Our Guest Cards, $10 Arch Card and some great McDonald's branded loot to boot). You must be 18 and a resident of Central Indiana to win! The Fortville Mama McDonald's giveaway contest runs until Saturday February 14th.

Good luck peeps! There are multiple ways to enter. 

1. Comment below and share with us how you show Lovin' to those around you each and every day! ( = 1 entry)

2. Tweet: @FortvilleMama and @MyIndyMcDonalds What a cool way to pay! #PayWithLovin ( = extra entry and you can do this daily until the contest is over)

3. Follow @MyIndyMcDonalds (please leave us a comment letting us know you did. Either here or on FB.) ( =extra entry) 

Want to keep up on all the Pay with Lovin' all over Central Indiana? Follow on Twitter @MyIndyMcDonalds

Mama Tip Tuesday - Think Outside The Vase

Or Outside The Box of Chocolates!

Don't get me wrong, I love roses and chocolates! Rose is even my middle name. It's not like they are not appreciated, because they are. It's just that I feel getting flowers on Valentine's Day is almost a given! Surprise me on any other day, and you'll have one happy mama!

So I'm making a wish of ideas..of what a mama really wants!

1. This one is kinda a big deal to a hard working mama. A day without responsibilities! Yes, take the kids somewhere fun and let me sleep in! (Our little guy is 3 months now, this would be heaven.) Can I just have a day when I don't have to worry why it's quiet with kids in the house?

2. A gift certificate to be pampered! What about a mani/pedi or a massage at Blue Seas? Although, a sleep deprived mama may enjoy it so much that she may be asleep during most of it. Kills two birds with one stone right?

3. Do 5 things on a daddy-do-list. The dryer has been slacking lately. A good cleaning would make a mama happy! We also have a door that needs painted from when we moved in... 3 years ago. Who can relate to this one?!

4. Surprise getaway or date night. Wouldn't it be nice to just stay in French Lick for the weekend? I must admit that I often wonder over to Groupon and look at the getaways. The beach or europe. Oh my! A girl can dream. Another option is simply plan a date night. Ten West Center for the Arts has a fabulous musical, Grease, coming soon! Or Almost Maine at Mt. Vernon High School is playing Feb 12-14! Maybe after we can eat somewhere without reminding our 2 year old to keep her finger out of her nose?

5. Mamas love anything handmade or handwritten. Even if it's hand prints in a frame? Let the kiddos decorate or paint something for mama. Let her know how much she means to you in a hand written letter.

6. Can't get creative? Find someone who is! A commissioned artwork would be great! A unique piece of furniture from Best of What's Around or Simply More Home Furnishings or reNEWdesign and Construct would be admired for years to come!

7. Find a class she's always wanted to take! Does she love to paint? Studio 309 has great canvas classes! She can stamp metal jewelry or bind books at Palette and Paper! Learn about cross stitch at The Studio

8. What about a professional wardrobe styling from The Gypsy Chicks? Gift certificates are available! After 3 kiddos I've been out of the loop in the fashion department!

9. Date night in! A dream night would be bring home pulled pork nachos from R-SmokeHouse and cheese cake from Indulge! We can catch up on our favorite TV series on Netflix!

10. Okay I've changed my mind. Chocolates. Yes, Chocolates can go with all of these things!

So is it too much NOT want flowers on Valentine's Day?! A mama just wants to know she's as unique and adored as the day you met her!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Primitive Stitchery in Fortville Indiana

I have to say I am very intrigued by The Studio and Stacy Nash's Primitives. I've never been great at anything with needle and thread. It's just not a gift I was blessed with, but oh was Stacy Nash blessed. Such talent and how very cool that her shop is based right here in Fortville, Indiana!

You may not know, but Stacy is an internationally known primitive cross stitch designer using fabrics such as linen and wool. Her patterns are extremely popular and sold all over world. Google her and all sorts of retail pattern outlets pop up with her pattern designs, plus tons of pins on Pinterest. In the world of cross stitch, she is famous. Her retail shop came to life as inspiration for her cross stitchery and as a place to hold classes and stitching clubs. 

It is located within the old Personal Impressions space on Main Street. If you where ever in PI's shop back in the day, you'd be in awe of the transformation that took place to bring to life The Studio. It's gorgeous inside! Filled with antiques (for sale), cross stitch items, linens and threads. My favorite part is a lovely table right it the middle of he room, perfect for gathering around. Stacy and her fellow cross stitch buddies often do just that on Wednesday evenings in the cozy shop - gather together, stitch, munch on tasty bites and chat. Additionally, she uses the The Studio's space classes and other events.

Check out some of our favorites from inside the shop. We're sure you'll find inspiration around every corner, just as we did. You can follow The Studio here to keep up on classes, new patterns and open stitch times.

Java Lovin' In Fortville Indiana

Coffee Toffee Crunch might be my absolute favorite thing from Java Junction, but the cozy atmosphere inside their Main Street shop is a close second. Okay maybe it's a tie.

Signature coffee photo courtesy of Java Junction
You might not realize but the quaint Main Street Fortville coffee shop is in the process of transitioning from the Olivers to Belchers. The process has been so seamless, with the same great service, smiles and conversation present at each visit, that customers might not 100% realize. 

Matt and Kimberly Belcher's journey to java started when they began holding services for Encounter Life Church in the large meeting space at the rear of the Java Junction building. Kimberly also was working as a barista for Mike and Krista Oliver at Java Junction and fell in love with the whole coffeehouse experience. Matt and Kimberly quickly came to the realization that owning the coffeehouse would be a perfect fit for them and went about working with the Olivers to make it happen.

In this mama's opinion, Kimberly is a natural! She is so attentive to her customers and always with great suggestions on new things to try! Moreover, she always has a warm smile and a kind word for everyone. My conversations with Matt are always fun too. I love hearing about his stories from growing up in the Hancock County and Fortville area. Truly the Belchers are a fab addition to the retail landscape of Main Street Fortville!

They have already added new things to Java Junction line up such as the daily lunch specials. My favorite is the award winning chili and grilled cheese Panini! Really try the chili. It is so good! They also plan on bringing poetry reading, book clubs, bible studies and live music to Java Junction in the very near future. Additionally, they have kept alive things the regulars have loved, such as the homemade biscuits and gravy on Saturday mornings. Want to keep up on their specials, follow here or here.

Award winning turkey chili photo courtesy of Java Junction.
Just this week I ran into two lovely Fortville ladies lunching at a quiet table by the big front window in Java Junction. They were deep in conversation and enjoying their lunch combos of soup and Panini sandwiches. I have to say it made my heart happy to see the coffee shop so busy and alive with people enjoying a tasty bite and good conversation. Really that little snapshot of life is the essence of Fortville. Good ole folks enjoying everyday life at its best. It's what Ashley and I adore about Fortville, and it's exactly why we love to highlight it through Fortville Mama.

We can't wait to see what Matt and Kimberly do next. Good things are to come. We just know it!

Please note, Java Junction is closed Sundays and Mondays. Open Tuesday through Saturday. See their Facebook page for their weekly hours and lunch specials.