Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What Grace In Action Looks Like - Priscia Rose

Our hearts have ached for the Rose family over the last month and a half, as we know so many of you have had the very same feelings. Often lifting them up in prayer and inquiring with those close to the family how Prisica was doing, and if they was anything that could be done to help. There's been something else we've noticed this past month and it has brought such wonder to our eyes. We are truly in awe at how God has been moving in the hearts of our community. Truly in awe. Surrounding the Rose family with love, support, prayers and more. Just plain goodness in abundance. Humanity at its best. It's made us proud to live where we do. Extremely proud. Fortville and Hancock County are full of some of the best neighbors and just people that we have ever met in our life.

We do not know the Rose family directly, so we asked Jen's wonderful neighbor, Molly Smith, who does know the family to guest post for us at Fortville Mama and put into words the amazing touch of God's Grace that Prisica and the entire Rose family has had on Fortville and Hancock County.

Fortville Mama Guest Post from Molly Smith...

I have lived in Hancock County, specifically Fortville for the last 22 years. One thing many notice about Hancock County and the surrounding area are all the churches, for there are quite a few. Another thing that I can personally attest to about Hancock County is that when someone in the community is hurting and in need, the community and the churches come together. Be it a child going through a devastating illness, someone who has lost everything to a fire or a police officer shot, time and again the community and the churches come together. This has never been more evident than the past month and half  as “we the community” / “we the church” came together and stepped up and did what was needed and still needs to be done for a very precious family going through the storm of their lives. That family is the Roses of Fortville. 
Dick and Priscilla Rose’s daughter, Priscia, was in a devastating car accident just before Christmas. Ultimately, due to her extensive injuries they had to make that heart wrenching decision to let their beautiful daughter go into God’s hands. She passed into eternity on January 25, 2015. However, her story, her faith, her parent’s faith all have had an INCREDIBLE IMPACT on the community. 

I personally believe the hugest impact was how the church community reacted. It did not matter what church, if any, that you belonged too. It did not matter what denomination, if any, you belonged too. It did not matter what religious philosophy, if any, you prescribed too. The churches came together along with those who do not necessarily go to church and became “the church community”. This combined church community of all were on their knees in fervent prayer and meeting the everyday needs for the family; food, dinners, laundry, etc. This combined church community of all was meeting the financial needs through a fund raising site. This combined church community of all was reaching out to the family by visiting, holding their hands, shedding tears, sharing stories. Most of all being the church in its truest, simplest form. I think this must definitely make Priscia smile up there in heaven. She loved her Lord, she loved people, she loved life, and she loved the church. 

Let us honor a true Fortvillian, who's beautiful spirit has left such a lasting mark on her community, by being “the church community” at all times. By being good to one another, being neighborly and continuing on as a community filled with love. 

“All the believers were together and had everything in common. They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need.” -Acts 2: 44-45

- Molly

There is still need... Both for prayers and for funds. If you feel called and are able to give, please click here to go to the page for donations to help assist the Rose family with the medical expenses and burial costs. 

Surrounded by love is a good place to be. 

- Jen and Ashley, the Fortville Mamas

Monday, January 26, 2015

Hancock County Treasure - New Palestine BRCC Playland

A Mama Oasis in the Frozen Chill of Winter

Super chilly temps plus a Frozen style sprinkling of glittery ice over the last couple of weeks, have left these mamas with a group of sugarpies who are itching for some freedom to run and play. What's a mama to do? Especially mamas who are doing their best to stay on budget and tackle debt in 2015? 

Chick-fil-a? Nope. Skyzone? Nope. Saving our pennies. Think, think, think as Winnie the Pooh would say. Eureka! BRCC Playland in New Palestine, Indiana. Just minutes from our lovely Fortville and conveniently located just off  US 52! And best of all, it's FREE!

Open Monday-Thursday, 9a.m. - 5p.m. and Fridays, 9a.m. - noon, it's a perfect low cost getaway for a mama (or mamas) and her kiddos! We have to commend Brookville Road Christian Church. The space is oh so inviting. Truly a lovely ministry that they provide to all, no matter whether you go to BRCC or not. I wish more churches reached out in this manner. It's genius! 

When you walk in you are welcomed into a large open cozy space, a cross between a lodge and a Tuscan open outdoor living space. There is a huge stone fireplace and lots of tables, both high and low, to sit and enjoy a little packed lunch or snack before or after playing. 

The indoor playland has lots to enjoy. Our kiddos favorite was definitely the roller slide. Seats for mamas, lots of natural light streaming in and lots to keep all the little ones busy. There is even a gated in area with large foam obstacle pieces for the littlest of the bunch to enjoy safely. 

During our visit, it was fun to sit and chat with each other while the Fortville Mama kiddos let their imaginations run wild with all sorts of creative games to play with new found friends in the playland. We stayed for about an hour and a half. Plenty of time for lots of fun, good conversation and worn out sugarpies. 

Fortville Mama kiddos and new friends.
Definitely a treasure within Hancock County! We hope you seek it out and give it a whirl one day when your kiddos are itching for a little playtime fun. 

Jen and Ashley, the Fortville Mamas

January-March 2015 Hancock County Treasures brought to you by Moody's Butcher Shop - Geist Location. Thank-you for your support of Fortville Mama and local family fun in and around Hancock County, Indiana. All thoughts and opinions (including the love of local delicious food) are our own. Thank-you to the businesses that help support Fortville Mama. Your support is allowing us to make 2015 even cooler than 2014!

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Moody Meats - A PASSION for Local Food

Giving Consumers a Connection to the Source, A Novel Concept in Today's World

Gathering eggs from my coop daily, sourcing from the local farms in and around Fortville and often having a freezer full of deer meat that my husband has lovingly and skillfully obtained for our family makes my heart happy. I know the source, and I know what's going into our bellies is good for us. You just can't beat that!

I think that is exactly why I'm so delighted to have a new Moody Meats location just down the road from us in Geist, located at the corner of Brook School Road and Fall Creek!  If you aren't familiar with Moody's story, click here for a great read with videos too! Fifth generation farmers (now training the sixth generation), who are passionate about what they do and bringing local food to your table.

Nick Carter, part owner in Moody's Butcher Shops, is truly a man on a mission. What kind of mission you ask? A "think outside the box" local fresh mission!  

Nick, a small town farm boy himself, grew up in Russiaville, Indiana farming things like swine, beef cattle, ducks, corn, soybeans, wheat and hay. At age 27 he found himself doing well in the tech start-up world but longing to get back to his roots of farming. Ever the entrepreneur, in 2011 he launched Meat the Rabbit and made history as Indiana's first ever state-inspected rabbit meat processor. He has since sold the business to a Pendleton, Indiana farmer that is carrying on the torch of local fresh, leaving Nick room for other projects like Moody's and Husk (which is based right here in our lovely Hancock County)! However, Husk is a story for another day. 

Nick's Meat the Rabbit journey is what led him to Moody's and a new adventure alongside Adam Moody and family. You see Nick, saw a problem here in our state - What is farmed here (mostly corn and soybeans), isn't eaten here. 92% of what we eat is imported back into our state from elsewhere. Why can't Hoosiers enjoy local freshness right from their "own backyard"? Why shouldn't they have access to local fresh year around as well? Wouldn't it be awesome if the consumer could track their food right to the source - truly know the farmer that grew/raised their food? These and all sorts of other questions are what run through Nick's mind all the time. However, he doesn't just question, he puts action in motion as well. Seven times over now, with the various companies he's been a part of over the course of his career.

Due to Adam and Nick's passions, Moody's is doing something totally outside the box and giving consumers access to local food year round and a connection back to the farmers within our own backyard. It's a simple concept but really revolutionary at the same time! You can walk into a Moody's Butcher Shop and know exactly where your meat spent its life! You can get side dish items that are sourced from right here in Indiana as well. Milk from Traders Point Creamery, Indiana sweet corn frozen at peak freshness from HUSK, tasty chips from Broad Ripple Chip Co., soup from Urban Ladle and many other delicious local items.

Stepping inside the Geist location had the essence of an old time butcher shop. The employees, Kristi and Brian, were friendly and welcoming. Jen and I loved chatting with both of them. They have a great affection for their customers and love the fun of trading ideas and recipes. Brian's favorite idea swaps are for smoking meats, and Kristi loves to share with customers about all the locally sourced product's back stories. 

There are 5 Moody's locations in and around Central Indiana. The new Geist location is just 5-10 minutes for us Fortvillians! Meats sold are Hoosier raised livestock and processed in Lagoda, Indiana. 

We are super excited to have Moody's on board as a Fortville Mama sponsor. We love that they are passionate about local fresh! Something near and dear to our own hearts! Over the course of the next couple of month's our Hancock County Treasures Features blog posts will be brought to you by Moody's! We'll also be featuring a special Moody's - Geist coupon for our readers as well! Make sure to stop in and explore the new location and tell them the Fortville Mama's sent ya! You can follow via social too and keep up on all that is Moody's.

January-March 2015 Hancock County Treasures brought to you by Moody's Butcher Shop - Geist Location. All thoughts and opinions (including the love of local delicious food) are our own. Thank-you to the businesses that help support Fortville Mama and local family fun in and around Hancock County, Indiana. Your support is allowing us to make 2015 even cooler than 2014!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Inspired Fashionistas and Personal Styling in Fortville Indiana

A Stacy London Experience in the Heart of Fortville, but Way Cooler Peeps

Fortville's The Gypsy Chicks, Gina and Taya, are two very cool fashionistas on a mission. A mission to enhance your personal style, no matter what size or body type you are. The two savvy chicks, along with Betty Lou and Gypsy Sue, love seeing all women feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin, and this mama adores that!

As a curvy mama, I've never really been a fan of traditional boutiques. Nothing ever in my size. However, stepping into The Gypsy Chicks and shopping for a bit made me want to break out into joyful Meghan Trainor lyrics. You know what I'm talking about girls. As Ms. Trainor advises, "'Cause every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top!"

Shopping with Gina and Taya is like an afternoon of catching up with your best girlfriends. There's always beverages available and often tasty treats as well. Two cozy hot pink chairs and lots of room to "walk the runway" and see exactly how an outfit feels. Plus they have cool perks like a frequent shopper card, a birthday club, private after hours shopping parties and frequently run sale specials!

My co-mama, Ashley, and I are so excited! The Gypsy Chicks are going to style us this spring, and we're going to document it all for you, our awesome readers! They are going to give us tips on what styles might look best for each of us based on our body types! I can't wait! I'm so ready for the introduction of some new pieces into my wardrobe. And after recently having a baby, Ashley is ready for some great pieces as well. 

For you men folk out there, The Gypsy Chicks are planning a very special Valentine's Day shopping experience just for you. If I were you, I'd keep watch on their Facebook page for more details on this upcoming event. Any mama who gets something special in a Gypsy Chick bag with the pretty pink tissue coming out the top is bound to kiss your face off! 

Our hats off to Fortville's The Gypsy Chicks! You ladies make us feel beautiful!

You can find their shop just off of Main Street Fortville behind Kammerer Family Dentistry of Fortville. Just follow the cute pink signs. 

Mama Tip Tuesday! Get Your Crafty On - Repurposed Frames For A Great Cause!

Staying Creative For A Cause!

One evening after teaching a painting class at Ten West Center for the Arts in Fortville, owner Paul Okerson mentioned to me that these great frames were donated to the center and needed an artistic vision. So I took them home with the intention of cleaning them up and coming up with ideas of making them useful. A few hours on Pinterest and a few distractions later I had some crafty ideas in mind. 

Things didn't come together for me as soon as I wanted to in regards to the repurposing the frames. Since "adopting" them, I've been a bit busy chasing after my kiddos, not to mention the exhaustion of pregnancy. Although it was my pregnancy that finally gave me the burst of energy I needed to make some great examples of the new life hiding within their worn exterior. Once they serve their purpose as examples in our upcoming crafty class for a great cause, they will end up in our baby boy's room. Two birds, one stone right?

Speaking of this fun upcoming class! Ten West and The Okersons, who own Ten West, are near and dear to not only our Fortville Mama hearts, but so many hearts in our community. We've enjoy plays, art and dance classes, patriotic tributes, stand-up comedy nights, and many more activities at Ten West! They are an great non-for-profit in our town that does some amazing things. 

I've spent many evenings teaching paint classes while hearing the hum of an instrument from the floor below me or someone practicing their lines in the room next to me. It's great to know people have somewhere to go to express their creative side. Ten West does exactly what their tagline says - helping youth stay creative!

So what are these frame's purpose? First, for you to enjoy and express your creative side. Second, this class will be offered at a minimal fee that will be donated directly to Ten West. Funds raised will go to support their great programs here in our community, and you get to bring home something beautiful to boot. How cool is that?!

I am honored to keep the love going. Someone donated these great frames in hopes of them being put to good use by Ten West, so I will be donating my time and some materials of my own to helping you all stay creative! Will you join me at a up coming class to put your creative touch on them? I will be there to guide you along with creative tips and ideas to transform these old beautiful frames into new creations!

We will supply the frames, paint, tools, and materials. You can come enjoy an afternoon with friends, loved ones or simply have a little "me time"!

Comment below and reserve your spot today! Class will be Feburary 28, 2015 at 5:00pm Cost is $15 per person. $5 for each additional frame. $10 if bring your own frame. Frame sizes vary. First come first serve! All proceeds go to Ten West Center for the Arts.

To sign up for the class email Ashley at artsythomas@

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bringing Birth Home to Fortville

Voting and Home Birth, Who Knew You Could Accomplish Both In the Same Day!

8 a.m. Election Day 2014 and my 2 year old had slept in as long as she could. She yells from her crib, "mommy daddy, come get me!" I lay in my cozy bed feeling like at turtle on its back, 38 weeks pregnant. My husband brings her into our bed and soon her older sister is snuggled up with us. Both girls have snuffles from a cold weekend before of camping with grandma, and well to much Halloween candy from the Friday before. 

I call our go-to guy when we are sick, the chiropractor to see if we can get in. 10 a.m. we are at the chiropractor, ProWellness, just 15 minutes from our house. The girls and I get adjusted, and Dr. Harkins presses on pressure points in my feet that bring on labor. After our adjustments, we talk with Jess and Dr. Harkins and get to hold his precious new baby, who was visiting since it was his day off. While I'm talking to them I feel contractions, but they didn't seem consistent. I leave there around 11.

Driving home I'm still having contractions here and there. I'm really contemplating if I wanted to stop and vote on my way home. I told myself if I didn't have to wait in line I would be fine. I drive past the window looking in to see if there is a crowd. It's pretty light, so I go in and vote. By this time it's about 11:30 a.m.

Noon, I get home and contractions seem stronger. I actually get to sit down and record them. They are lasting a minute and a minute or two apart. I contact the midwife and call my husband to come home. My husband is working on-site an hour away. (I'm cursing him in my mind. Not sure why he had to go to one of his furthest locations that day.) At this point I'm getting nervous, as the contractions are getting stronger, my girls seem to be getting rowdier. My oldest is behind the recliner giggling, as my youngest is standing on the back leaning over to look at her sister almost flipping it over. 

At this point I'm texting whoever I know who is close to see if I can find someone to help with the girls till my mother-in-law arrives. I call my husband again to try to figure out how he set up the hose to fill up the birthing tub. With deep breaths and between contractions I wonder into the laundry room to flip on the hose. I go to look in the tub and realize I had not turned on the hose in the tub. I get it on, and I'm a bit more relieved. 

12:45 p.m. my husband walks through the door. My biggest fear was gone, having a baby by myself with two kids running around. After a contraction, I go straight to our bedroom, get undressed, put on a sports bra, and wrap myself in a towel. Then after another contraction I get into the tub. My husband laughs and says the blinds are open, at that point I didn't care. My neighbor across the street is too far anyway.

12:50 p.m my mother-in-law arrives and I am glad to have someone here to help with the girls. 

12:55 p.m. the midwife arrives with her assistant. Whew, glad someone is there who knows what they are doing! They work fast to get their things laid out. I ask the midwife to check me, she says 8 cm. I thought oh no, I have a ways to go and I am in so much pain. My husband turns the water back on and aims the warm water on my belly. Oh sweet relief! Then I realize the midwife is still standing next to the birthing tub shifting back and forth. With each contraction I feel more pressure. I finally push with a contraction and feel a POP. My water breaks, it's 1:20 p.m., I am so relieved and feel better between the contractions. Next one I push again, the midwife grabs my hand and says feel the head, he's crowning. I am in disbelief. Its happening so fast and my mind is trying to process what is happening. As he crowns, I keep pushing and his head is born. My next push, he shortly arrives on my chest. It's 1:21 p.m., just one minute after my water broke. He takes a little breath when he hits my chest, the midwife rubs his back to get him going.
My beautiful boy looks up at me. He's the spitting image of his father. I am still in shock. Did I really just have a baby?! It took me a few minutes to get grounded. I sit snuggling my sweet boy. We nurse for a bit and dad cuts the cord. 

Through the entire time my girls remained calm until my husband cut the cord, as they thought we were hurting their brand new baby brother. They were super protective already. They adored him from moment one. 

Our family was complete.

Our journey of welcoming our little man into our lives was amazing. The care I received before during and after from Home4birth was unmatched to previous OB care and hospital birth. They really spent quality time making sure everything was right. 

Being able to have him in Fortville really means so much. Not many can say they were born in such a special town. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Best of What's Around - Fortville Indiana

We Heart Fortville

There's definitely no doubt about that fact. Ashley and I adore this quaint town we call home. It is full of amazing people, amazing food and amazing shops. Truly the best of what's around and now there is even a shop on Main Street Fortville called just that - Best of What's Around

The Grand Opening was yesterday. I popped in for a quick visit in these super chilly temps and fell in love!!! Owner, Danie Leever, puts you right at ease when you walk in the door with her warm smile and kind nature. Quite the crafty chick that creates works of art out of furniture pieces! Hard to believe her day job was once in accounting! Totally not a boring numbers crunching chick. She's full of energy, craftiness and smiles!

Fortville's Best of What's Around - Owner Danie Leever
She's been creating vintage masterpieces since 2012 when she was laid off from her day job. She started in her garage and soon became so popular in the area that her husband encouraged her to get a retail space, so he could have his garage back. Her first space was in Fishers. However, due to the space being a little too small for her continued growth, she went in search again for a new space. A friend suggested Fortville and like the Fortville Mamas, Danie fell in love.

Tons of pretty things, peeps! Danie tries to make sure there is lots of variety! In addition to her vintage furniture pieces, she carries items from quite a few other local artisan vendors as well, from home decor to hats and everything in between! Here are a few of my favorites from my visit:

The hoot journal/notebook cover went home with me. I love it! One of the wood signs will soon be going home with me. Can you guess which? 

The coolest part of Danie and Best of What's Around? That she will take a piece you already own, inherited or scored at a garage sale and transform it! Yes, friends you heard that right! She does custom work

You've gotta stop in and see this super cool new Fortville shop. It's open Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 10-4. I bet you'll fall in love just as I did. While you're at it, check out these newer places as well, The StudioPalette and Paper and The Gypsy Chicks. Why not make a whole day out of it. You can start with donuts at Sunrise, shop, Toffee Coffee Crunch from Java Junction, shop some more, lunch at Indulge, shop some more and finish with dinner at R-SmokeHouse. Sounds like my kind of day, peeps! 

Happy shopping! Make sure to follow them on Facebook to keep up on Best of What's Around!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Mama Tip Tuesday! Vintage Jewelry Showcase

Memories Displayed Beautifully

This past month, I met up with my three sisters to craft and make something extra special to display our mother's jewelry within for each of our houses. We lost her two years ago now and having little touches around of her is oh so comforting and makes me smile. 

My extra crafty sister Angel, had been perusing Pinterest and sharing boards with us for months in search of inspiring crafty ideas. 

The ideas we settled on were making a lampshade showpiece and a transformed clock piece

The one I picked was the clock piece. First I found the awesome clock on the right above at Hobby Lobby 50% off. Then I picked up the teal silk fabric and antique lace. Next I went through saved jewelry pieces from my mother and a few old pieces of my own and played with my desired layout of the pieces. Once I was absolutely sure how I wanted the jewelry pieces placed, I started to dismantle my clock. The back snapped off easily, from there I had to pry the clock guts out a bit. However, I had to be careful not to damage the stiff board inside because I needed that to build my masterpiece. 

Once all the clock guts were removed, I cut a piece of white padding slightly smaller than the board so that the glass would still fit on top of everything and hot glue gunned it in place. Then I covered with the pretty teal silk using glue dots to secure it to the back on the board. Next I pinned the lace at the top until I was happy with how it was laying in place. Once happy with placement, I trimmed the excess and glue dotted it in place as well. 

Next was the best part, placing the jewelry. I started with my big piece - the pink snowflake burst.Then I gently poked through and pined my additional pieces around it. Some I had to place a single glue dot behind so they would stay secure in place.

Once all were in place, I gently placed the fabric covered board back in the clock and secured it with the metal tabs. Since it was now thicker than originally, this part was a little bit of work and took two of us to do it without breaking anything or shifting jewelry pieces. To finish it off, I bunched a bit of the teal silk in the back and then popped the see-through cover on the back of the clock again. Complete. Unique. Gorgeous. Love it and love my sisters dearly!

This picture make me think how very Susan Branch of us. 

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Saturday, January 3, 2015

5 Local Hot Spot Hancock County Treasures to Hit in 2015

Yep, We're Foodies at Heart and Hancock County and Surrounding has Treasures Around Every Corner

We adore unique, local and fresh, and we are oh so lucky that Fortville and surrounding has some delicious local eateries that highlight just that and more. Here are our top 5 that are must visits for 2015!

Betty's Diner in Ingalls is just down the road from Fortville on SR67. Newer but reviews rave about the scrumptious homemade dishes. From breakfast to salads to cheeseburgers to their daily specials...guests say that their is never a bad meal to be had. All at amazing prices and the best service around. Sounds like Guy from Food Network should get this local diner on his list too.

The Mug in Greenfield is a favorite of so many. Jen and the Coach Man love visiting with the Fortville Mama kiddos. It's farm to table in live action, well maybe more of farm to curb, but you get the idea. Long ago The Frosty Mug, but revamped last year by the amazing folks of Tyner Pond Farm and coined The Mug. The fries are so good. The pork fries are even better! Check out our blog post from last year with more details on all the must tries from this Hancock County gem.

Yep, we Love the Rub! R-SmokeHouse on Main Street Fortville has the most delectable pulled pork nachos! Crunchy chips, smokey meat, yummy cheese, BBQ sauce with a little heat and a drizzle of sour cream. Finger licking good peeps! Fortville Mama Ashley and crew have been having a love affair with this local eatery since it opened. It won't be long before the youngest of their crew will be noshing on pulled pork sandwiches too, but for now he gets snuggles from owner, Angela.

Indulge Cafe, whether for lunch, dinner or a sweet treat, you can't beat this little candy-coated cafe nestled on Main Street Fortville. The owners are some of the best people around. Nothing like a hot Panini sandwich, marshmallow coke and a chat at the counter about what's new. It's been written about by little Indiana, Indy with Kids and Fortville resident Kara Fleck of Simple Kids. And let me tell you each of them hit the nail on the head. This Hancock County gem is a must visit.

Hey Cafe in Greenfield, Indiana is one of the warmest most inviting little spots we've ever stepped inside. We happened upon this gem one Saturday while at the Downtown Greenfield Farmers Market and needing a potty for a certain little sugarpie. They had just recently opened. The owner and staff were the sweetest. Before heading back over to the market, we picked up their mini breakfast frittata and an icy coke. Oh my gosh, pure deliciousness! Well they now have their liquor license as well and feature not only local fresh but local brews and from time to time local music! Sounds like a perfect date night to these mamas!

Happy eating in 2015 peeps! We hope you give them all a try and report back on your favorites!
- Jen and Ashley, the Fortville Mamas

January 2015 Hancock County Treasures brought to you by The Fortville/McCordsville Chamber of Commerce. Thank-you for your support of Fortville Mama and local family fun in and around Hancock County, Indiana. All thoughts and opinions (including the love of local delicious food) are our own. Thank-you to the businesses that help support Fortville Mama. Your support is allowing us to make 2015 even cooler than 2014!

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