Monday, March 24, 2014

MamaTipTuesday! Simple Cold Season Tip!

Allergies? Cold? Flu? We have a simple germy tissue solution!

Its been a long winter and the weather man is calling for snow. I think we are close to the record for totally amount of snow to fall this year. Oh Joy!

I'm ready for warm weather to be here now and for good! It doesn't help that I have been miserable with a sinus infection the last few days too. I've also had little ones around the house with runny noses as well.
I decided I needed something to control the tissue clutter. I knew I had all these plastic wipe containers laying around that needed a purpose. We also had these great small little bags from the Dollar Tree that you can get 75 for $1. They are usually in the baby aisle called Fresh Sacks for diapers. Bingo! I lined the tubs with the little bags and when they fill up, I just take out everything with the plastic bag! No snotty mess left behind!
This idea sprang from a pin I've saw on Pinterest where you take an empty tissue box and rubber band it to a full one. I love the idea, but they are hard to line and they can't be washed if you want to de-germ. I thought these are a great solution, and we are being eco-friendly and reusing the wipe containers!

     Dollar Tree - Fresh Sacks
Or look for the super small plastic shopping bags!

    Perfect little liners!

     Set one by every 'tissue station' in your house!
    These are also perfect for the car! 

Or use a travel pack in the lid!

     I like to use the container for night times snuffles. This way I don't here little feet running to the bathroom so late at night! 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Fabulous Fortville Mama Giveaway

Love Delish Mexican Food?

You're in luck! We have a special Main Street Fortville giveaway contest to share with you this week! El 5th de Mayo, located in the heart of Fortville, has a special giveaway contest for us to celebrate the completion of their remodel/expansion at their Main Street Fortville location.

One lucky Fortville Mama fan will win dinner for two from El 5th de Mayo (a $20 value). All you have to do is comment here on our blog or on our Facebook page telling us your favorite dish at El 5th de Mayo or a dish you'd love to try!

As for me, my absolute favorite is the chips, fresh salsa and yummy cheese dip! I can't get enough of that stuff.

While I was at El 5th de Mayo this past weekend, I enjoyed touring the newly remodeled section of the restaurant. If you remember Daddios from a few years back...they have remodeled that whole side where Daddios used to be and added more seating and a full service bar. The seating area is bright, cheerful and cozy, and the new bar area is a perfect fit!
This mama is definitely thrilled to have El 5th de Mayo as a newer addition to Main Street Fortville. Great food at great prices! You can't beat $1.99 kid's meals! Plus I love that my family can walk a couple of blocks up Main Street and enjoy a fun meal out on the town. Look out El 5ht de Mayo, we might just become regulars!
Want more chances to win!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Magic of Theater in the Eyes of a Child

Fostering A Love of the Arts from a Young Age

A couple of weekends ago I took little man to see Peter Pan at Westfield High School. It was put on by CYTIndy and was amazing given it was a youth production. The actors were spot on, and we all loved how they flew over the audience many times in the show with the help of cables and harnesses. Truly these kids could have been professionals. The musical even kept little man's attention for the entire show...eyes wide and on the edge of his seat for most of it, and I do believe amusing the gentleman next to us quite a bit as he oohed, aahed and laughed. At intermission, he enjoyed his snack and couldn't wait to get back to the show. I thought he was going to run people over trying to get back to our seats!

It brought me back to my own childhood. I have such found memories of attending Starlight Musicals and productions at Clowes Hall with my Mom. Each year my older brother always bought her season tickets to that year's slate of productions. It was such a treat to me to get all dressed up, go to dinner in Broad Ripple and then the theater with her. Some of my favorites were Nunsense, CATS and each December the Nutcracker. She used to take me behind the scenes after each show to get my playbill signed by my favorite actor. I was in awe! To this day I love the theater, no matter a high school play or a production at the Murat! I love how the actors transport you along with them as they weave the story.

So when little man insisted that we get a picture with his favorite Peter Pan actor after the show, my heart melted. I sometimes forget how much he is like me. The whole way home he chattered in the backseat about the play, the actors and how he was so trying out for their next play. "Mom, they said kids 8-18! And I'm 8, so I'm in!"

The Amazing Captain Hook -
played by Robbie Cartwright, Age 16
I really believe that the arts inspire and build such wonderful things in kids! They not only inspire creativity, but encourage free thinking and problem solving skills as well. I think they help kids flourish as well rounded individuals within society and add to experiences they can draw from in their adult lives.
It is such a sad occurrence that many school systems are finding themselves in a place where they are forced to make hard budgeting choices and at times the arts within their school systems are falling by the wayside.
In Hancock County, we are so very lucky! We are surrounded by school systems that know the value of the arts! Inexpensive opportunities abound to exposure your young children to theater, art, dance and music experiences! Mt. Vernon, Pendleton, Greenfield and Hamilton Southeastern High Schools all put on annual productions with extremely affordable ticket prices. CTYIndy has two spring productions coming up with actors from schools all over Indy! One is The Wizard of Oz and little man can't wait! We also are pumped for Shrek The Musical coming up in April at Pendleton High School and Little Shop of Horrors coming up the end of March at Ten West Center for the Arts in Fortville!
Speaking of Ten West - what a treasure in Fortville! Their tagline, "helping youth stay creative" is 100% true! Not only do they bring several productions, comedy nights and National Dance Day to the community, they also rent space to many local businesses that offer very affordable classes to youth. From art to dance to music to theater, you can find it all at Ten West! A perfect place to help your budding actress, actor, musician, dancer or artist find their passion.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Green Bean Freshness in Fortville!? Oh My!

I'm In Love...Green Bean Love That Is


You may just see a Green Bean Delivery truck pull into my drive from time to time in the near future. The thing is, I'm a busy mama. My girls are 2 and 4. Meanwhile, during the week I watch a total of 5-7 kiddos per day. Things get crazy with all the Littles running around and well, who has time to run to the store? Most weeks, I find a night after I put my girls to bed to head off to the store, even when I want to so badly go to turn in myself for some zzzzs, but with this magical bin of fresh goodness appearing on my doorstep, my middle of the night grocery shopping trips may just be lessened and that makes this mama happy!

I had heard about Green Bean Delivery from a friend and have seen their trucks about town, but I always thought they would be either too expensive or wouldn't want to come all the way out to little ol' Fortville. 

To my surprise, they have awesome products at reasonable prices and their delivery area includes Fortville! Comparing to actual sticker prices in store, they may be a bit more (depending on the store), but if you factor in the cost of gas and your time I would say it's well worth the cost. Not to mention, local products are used when available. And we all know this mama loves local fresh, which make this service even sweeter! 


My sample food bin came with a friendly smile at 5:30pm. I couldn't wait to taste the freshness! It was so hard to narrow it down to one thing that I wanted for dinner, but last night being Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras in full swing, I had a hankering for Cajun food! Creole broccoli it was!

Creole Broccoli 
2 small organic heads of broccoli 
2 tbs olive oil
2 tsp creole seasoning
1 tsp blackened seasoning
1 tsp garlic salt

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Cut broccoli tops, pour all ingredients into a gallon size zippered bag. Shake till well coated. 

Bake for 20-30 minutes

Yes, it's just that simple!

Yum! So much flavor!

Can't wait to see what tomorrow holds for trying out more of my delish fresh items from my very first Green Bean Delivery bin! I definitely see more cute green bins arriving on my porch in the future. I think my favorite part of Green Bean Delivery is that you can customize your bin with all your favorites, so nothing goes to waste and yummy fresh is always in supply!

So guess what?! You can experience this awesome service too at a discounted price! Yes, use code 15FVMml on your first order and receive $15 off! Valid for new and reactivated customers! But don't wait, this offer expires 3/12/14!
Disclaimer: As a member of Indy Social Media Moms, I received free product from Green B.E.A.N. Indiana in exchange for my unbiased review. ISMM and Green B.E.A.N. Indiana are not responsible for the content of this post.