Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mama Tip Tuesday! How To Keep Kids in Thier Rooms Christmas Eve

Our tip is simple. Lets have a little Christmas Eve fun with our kids!

We have a sense of humor around this mama's house. Yes, Christmas Eve we use our left over wrapping paper to keep our kiddos in their rooms. Now last year didn't go as planned. As most of my plans go. Instead of busting out of her room, she took full advantage of the small space that I failed to wrap by army crawling under it!

Really? Would you have thought that a 3 year could have crawled under that?! 
Lesson learned. This year, i'm prepared. 

Watch what happened here:

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Fortville Winter Festival Experience via the Fleck Crew

Warm Heart and Holiday Spirit:  Fortville Winter Festival 2013

Post Note: We at Fortville Mama are thrilled have a guest post from the one and only Kara Fleck! Such a talented writer, a wonderful friend and best of all a fellow Fortvillian. A big thank-you to Kara for sharing her family's Fortville Winter Festival experience with us! Take it over Kara.
My family and I have called Fortville home for almost ten years now.  This beautiful, friendly town is a pretty special place, and I rarely miss a chance to brag about all of the wonderful things Fortville has to offer to families.

As a family, one of the holiday traditions we've come to look forward to is the Fortville Winter Festival. Hosted by Fortville Action, Inc., this festival is held downtown and is a delightful way to kick off the holiday season!
This year temperatures dipped low, but even freezing temps couldn’t hide the warm hearts and holiday spirit of our town.  

We bundled up in our Winter layers and headed to Main Street to enjoy carols and the parade, popping in to Indulge and Java Junction from time to time to fill up with treats and visit the crafters’ booths at the Christmas Market.  

Proving that she is braver than her mama, my oldest daughter Jillian conquered the zip line, all smiles and thumbs up - a memory I’m sure she’ll carry with her for a long, long time.  

One of my very favorite things about Winter Festival is how the merchants decorate, showing off window displays and decor in all of their merry and bright finery.   

If you find yourself downtown during the holiday season, and I really hope you do, make sure to take in the cozy sights in the windows of Fortville’s businesses but step inside, too, so you can fully appreciate the holly and the ivy and just how far the holiday spirit goes.

Mother Nature threw a few loops in original plans, but our small town rose to the occasion.  From princesses to horses to dogs to, my son’s favorite, a cement mixer, and of course our favorite pink pachyderm all decked out for the holiday season, cold fingers and toes were soon forgotten as Fortville put on a parade that was festive, sentimental, and personal to the town.  

My kids are very shy around Santa, but there was awe and wonder on their faces when the jolly gentleman made his parade appearance.  

Giving those kind of childhood memories to our kids is one of this mama’s favorite things about this time of year. A little holiday spirit is good for the young and the young at heart.

In the evening, listening to the carolers, strolling down Main Street taking in the lights and the shop displays, it hit me how very lucky we are to live in a town that places so much value on community.

As I heard someone else say earlier that day when asked why Fortville holds this event, “it is just a nice way to open up the town and welcome our friends and neighbors.”  

I can’t think of a better way to say Merry Christmas.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mama Tip Tuesday! The gift of artwork!

Getting your crafty on!

I'm always scratching my head when it comes to gifts. I dispise resorting to gift cards. Although, sometimes I myself like receiving them. What do you get that one person who seems to have everything they need? 

First of all, this month our family has been scraping by...less income coming in and more expenses going out. We needed a gift idea that was inexpensive and close to the heart. 

Things I considered when I came up with this idea:
What themes are already in thier home?
What are thier favorite colors?
What do I already have that I can create a gift?
How can I make this gift meaningful?

Here is what I came up with:
Theme: Zebra
Colors: mostly loves purple
Materials: I had a great matted frame that would work well for this idea!
Meaning: Involve loved ones such as children in making the gift!

Masking tape
Heavy weight paper
Crayons or colored pencils
Matted frame (found at most craft stores)

First draw or map out area according measurements of frame/matte. Then draw out your design on paper. You may want to do a few shetches on scrap paper to plan your idea. In my case, I drew out my zerbra stripes. I filled in with tape where I didn't want the kiddos to color. Then the fun began! My girls went a little crazy! They loved coloring together! The youngest had a had time staying on the page!

After they were done I went over with a crayon to make sure no white was showing. Then I pulled off the tape and got the frame ready. Meanwhile, my youngest decided to put her signature in marker in the middle of the artwork. Lesson learned. Don't leave them unattended with markers and a finished product. 

To finish it up. I wrote my girls names, the date, and 1/1 so everyone knows it's one of a kind! This would also be great to tape off a shiloette or a name! The possibilities are endless! Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mama Tip Tuesday! DIY Lotion Bars

Want to give a holiday gift people will talk about for months?

These are your ticket!

I love to create! Especially body products! I feel so much better knowing what goes on my family and I's skin. Most times I can't pronounce many ingredients on store bought products. Forget it!

Many of the ingredients can be bought at health food stores like Earth Fare, Trader Joes, Pouge's Run, etc. If you cannot find something locally, shop online. Buy organic when you can.

I get easily distracted with little ones often afoot, so I love to use my crock pot. No need to babysit this stuff. Easy peasy! Here it goes!

Sweet DIY Lotion Bars

1 1/2 oz beeswax
1 oz unrefined coconut oil
1 oz sweet Almond oil
1 oz Shea butter
1 oz Coco Butter

Melt beeswax and unrefined coconut oil on HIGH in the crock pot in a glass pitcher. It may take 10-20 minutes. Then add in the remaining ingredients.

I did not add essential oils since it smelled awesome already! You are welcome to add some if you like!
Stir until all ingredients are melted. Pour into a silicone tray or a cupcake liner in a muffin tin.

Your skin will be so soft! I love to use these on my feet before bed! Make some for friends and keep some for yourself!