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Kids Health: Healthy Lunch Options for Kids

Healthy Lunch Options for Kids
Whether your child steps into the lunch line every day or they bring lunch from home, the truth is that kids of all ages need their lunch. Studies (such as this one by Wilder Research) have shown that nutrition has a direct link with behavior and cognitive development in children, as well as indirect links to a child’s overall success rate in school via health and attendance. The quick summary? By ensuring that your child is eating healthy while at school, you are setting them up to not only learn and behave better by providing the nutrients their growing brains need, but you are also investing in their health and education in the long run by keeping common illnesses (like colds) away that would have otherwise kept them from classes!
That being said: what about the current state of school lunches? While there have been some improvements in the cafeteria, there is always more to be made. So what can you as a parent do to put your child on the right track w…

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