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Kids Health: Fall Recipes to Warm the Soul

The trees in #Fabfortville are wearing their luscious color, the brisk weather and Halloween just a week ago are all clear a sign that fall has arrived with force and the holidays are right around the corner. I don’t mind, I LOVE fall. It is, after all, my favorite season.  Fall tickles all the senses with the bright bold autumn colors of apples, and pumpkins and short colder days wearing sweaters, scarves and cute boots; I almost instantly start craving comfort foods.

So, let’s dive into some fall recipes that are my favorites and maybe be inspired to share something new on your holiday table this winter.

First and foremost, would I be American if I did not address our obsessed society and the love of all things pumpkin spice? I can almost feel the glares as I write this….ha! And don’t get me wrong I do love pumpkin – but in moderation. Not everyone could stomach a pumpkin spice pizza, right?! So, let’s have our dessert first, as I share this yummy (kid approved) melt in your mouth p…

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