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Spring Break Water Safety

Oh yes, spring break is here before we know it. Next Friday our children, families and teachers will have a taste of freedom that will make them pack their bags. They will wave goodbye to our fickle Indiana weather and go somewhere sunny by the pool or ocean. Turn off those cell phones or shut down the computer. It's time to relax.

But do you know what puts me on edge when we are near water with our kids? Safety! The ocean, scares me with my kids. One moment you are standing in waste high water, then the tide comes in and all of a sudden its at your chest without moving. After doing a little research on Goldfish Swim School's website I feel more confidence.

"Since water safety is very important at Goldfish Swim School, we also make sure to teach kids what it means to be safer around other pools (like these 5 tips for how to stay safer at an indoor pool) and bodies of water – like when you’re on vacation."…

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