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FREE Water Safety Presentations! Say What?!

Remember when you were just a little one in school learning what to do in an event of a fire. Stop, Drop, Roll! Those three words are ingrained when we are young for a good reason. Safety.

Your child may know what to do in an event of a fire but what happens if they accidentally fall in the water? What if they decide to jump into the pool when you are not watching?

Goldfish Swim School is committed to making sure kids understand the importance of water safety — whether they’re learning these life-saving skills during swimming lessons at Goldfish Swim School Carmel or Fishers, or whether they’re at school, daycare or part of a community group. Goldfish Swim School offers free 20-minute water safety program to Indianapolis area schools and organizations for kids ages 3 to 7 years old.

WHAT: Water Safety Programming and Presentations for Local Schools and Community Organizations for students ages 3 to 7

TIME: 20 minutes


WHERE: Your school, daycare or community group. Presenta…

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