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Sharing the Swimming Love

I have fond memories of Grandma's pool growing up.

We spent so much time and energy in that pool. Looking back on the things you loved as a child really speaks to you on what you want for your children. That love for me grew even more in High School when I joined the swim team. It became my element and my love.

I benefited so much from the sport and I wasn't half bad at it. I made great friends during those years that 15 years later I still talk to a few times a week. It taught me discipline and how to be healthy.

It dawned on me tonight as we sat at the dinner table talking about our oldest moving up to the next lane at Goldfish Swim School. She had mastered the dolphin kick along with freestyle. The memories crashed down on me and the thought of her being a 'butterflier' like her mama almost gave me tears. I was proud that she found this love all on her own.

I'm amazed how far my oldest has come. We started about 6 months ago, with weekly lessons. She was not confide…

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